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September 23, 2016, 4:26 pm
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My last matchday as Hon Archivist and and a very miserable day it’s been. I did arrive, but the day was almost immediately ruined for me by an issue on the ground and I saw nothing of the play. I’m sorry to say I’m wholly unsurprised by what happened on the field (and indeed off it) but I have nothing more to say about it, other than each of the four days was a bit worse than the day before at both the Ageas Bowl and Edgbaston – a steady slide down a steep slope. Anyway I’ll shut up – here’s an opportunity for you guys to say whatever you wish.


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Not much to say really. In over a year we have only won three Championship games – all against also relegated Notts – so we have deserved what we have got.

Personally I would like to see a change on the coaching side with someone coming in to run the side with some fresh ideas.

Sorry to hear your final day was ruined off the field as well as on it and thanks for all you have done in your Hon Archivist role. Yours will be difficult boots to fill.

Pleased to hear this excellent blog will continue though and commiserations and best wishes to all my fellow Hampshire supporters.

Comment by James

Some perspective needed.

Negatives – Hamza Ali & Carberry miles more important than anything else, then the injuries to Topley And Fidel which probably sealed our fate in April. Then the fact that the leadership of the club is at the forefront of the move away from the proper stuff towards franchise T20. Also the feeling that the dressing room is not really a happy ship (Wheater etc)

Positives – Alsop, Wheal – and McManus. I had a video of one of his leg-side stumpings as my screen saver for most of the summer

Comment by Keith Fray

Dave – echo the comments re your time as archivist – much appreciated by us all

Comment by Keith Fray

Almost from the start we looked like a relegation team. It’s a miracle that we weren’t officially relegated until today. Our lack of good bowlers was our main problem. Our batting improved greatly in the second half of the season but unfortunately our bowling didn’t. I know we had many injuries but we can’t blame everything on that alone. The County Championship again proved it can be exciting. The Championship could have been won by any of 3 teams right up till the last few overs. I would like to add my thanks to Dave for all he has done as Archivist. Hopefully, you will still be around next year as a spectator and photographer. Thank you also for continuing with this blog.

Comment by Tigger

I left the ground today sad that it’s the end of the season, sad that we’ve been relegated and sad that I believe I am more disappointed with relegation than some senior management at the club who are only interested in franchised (and soulless) T20 cricket. Perhaps I’m wrong but that’s the perception I have. I noted that the Next Event sign at the entrance to the complex was publicising Christmas parties….funny, I thought there was a match on!
I echo all the best wishes to you Dave for all your hard work at the club.

Comment by Andy

A sad day for Hampshire to be sure, but we need to look on the positives. Also please, Wheal, who has improved each match over the last few, and McManus. I think there are also some other young players coming through the seconds. They won’t all make it but several will. With Vince, who looked back to his best on the first day, and Dawson as the senior players we have the nucleus of a good side for the next few years.
And Dave,,thanks for all you have done as Archivist, a really superb job in sometimes difficult circumstances.
And to all the bloggers, winter well and see you, at least in text, next season

Comment by Bob Murrell

Also please should read Alsop.

Comment by Bob Murrell

Yes – there certainly are positives. And the second division might be a good place for the younger players to prosper. I am a little concerned about Mason Crane, though. For all the good press he gets, the results don’t match up. there could be a number of reasons… he’s young, legspinners don’t often do well in England, he needs pitches with more bounce. I see he is off to Sydney in the winter – I wish him well

Comment by Dave Pople

Having not followed cricket all that much in recent seasons my thanks as well for the time and effort on this blog which has helped in a major way to rekindle an interest. Cheers.

The £5 note I gave in exchange for a seat in the Mound Stand at Lords today was the best personal spend for a sporting day for many years.

Comment by StephenFH

There was an item posted on the official website today inviting fans to vote for their player of the season. The closing date for votes was 5pm … today.

You really couldn’t make it up could you?

Comment by James

Been there a while – I voted a few days ago

Comment by Ageas

Interesting then that it has a date of Friday 23rd September. Maybe it was posted a while ago and then disappeared to be re-posted yesterday?

I normally check the official website most days and have to say I didn’t see it.

Comment by James

Yes, we weren’t really good enough to stay up, were we? But as has already been said, there are some fine young players in the team. I would like to see us getting a senior professional – from home or overseas – who could inspire the team and nurture this talent. Perhaps also to captain? Much as I admire James Vince’s talent and potential as a player, I feel some of his decisions as captain particularly in the use of his bowlers, have been questionable.
It’s vital we jump back to Div 1 straight away or those young players who we have all admired, will be off.

I also want to say thanks to Dave for his work as archivist. (When I started typing “arch…” my iPad suggested “archbishop”. Glad I checked that before I sent it!)

Comment by David A.

Why on earth would they want a members or fans view ?

Comment by JohnF

Fair point John!

Comment by James

Sad day indeed, relegation and Dave’s last day as archbishop.
Championship cricket isn’t exciting! Tell that to the supporters at Lords Taunton and Headingly!
Stoneman and Borthwick took the game away however the bowling has lacked penetration all season.
Umpires didn’t seem very interested in our loud appeals.

Comment by Paul

Nothing to add about today.

Definitely want to thank you Dave for this blog and the archive work.

Comment by Ian

Next year a Div 1 of 8, 2 up 2 down, on bland pitches, everyone always fearing relegation, doesn’t augur well.

A Div 2 where we’ll play 5 twice, and 4 once, makes it all a bit of a lottery, the Cult Casino Cricket Champo perhaps?

I feel your role has gone way beyond that of “Hon Archivist”.

The Atrium looks like it’s a place in a Cricket Club, and who’s that down to? Someone had to keep the soul of HCC alive, and who did that?

So, thank you.

But I suspect your timing is pretty good.

And I really hope the Blog goes on!

(By the way, there’s a very good ECB comment from a cricket club on the ECB “vote” here:


Asks a lot of the right questions. Whether we ever hear the answers is another matter.)

Comment by Jeremy

An interesting piece. I think the most important point he raises is the number of matches available on free view. I am of the opinion that one of the reasons for the decline in interest in cricket was the decision to put international cricket on Sky, thus limiting cricket watching on to to Sky subscribers. A case of in you don’t see it on TV you are not likely to go and watch it.
What ever the ECB come up with it needs to be on terrestrial TV.

Comment by Bob Murrell

By the time it’s done, the ECB will have redefined “free” to mean “free to Sky subscribers” and say they’ve done everyone a favour by putting it on “Sky Sports Mix”. Just a guess.

Comment by Jeremy

Dave, thanks for all of your efforts & for running this blog.

Injuries certainly didn’t help this season but the reasons for this relegation go much deeper than the ‘bad luck’ of injuries. Until & unless the management and the way the club operates changes, I fear division 2 cricket will be the future of Hampshire CCC.

Thanks again for all of your efforts.

Comment by Keith

Dave Thanks for running this blog, it adds greatly to my enjoyment of following Hampshire & I also appreciate the time and effort you have put into the Archivist role.

Comment by Stephen

One final stat until I go into hibernation. Our bowlers took 182 wickets in the Championship ignoring run outs. The next lowest was Lancashire with 215. Highest was 267 by Warwickshire. Unsurprisingly, we had the lowest number of bowling bonus points. Enough said.

Comment by Tigger

I am speechless on both counts.

Comment by Stephen Saunders

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