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September 24, 2016, 6:48 pm
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OK folks time for some statistical surveys of the season. First up;

Days Played Per Week

All competitive matches for Hampshire plus matches for England by Vince & Dawson. Every Championship match counts as four days, regardless of how much play there was and all ‘white ball’ games count as one, although I have omitted the two matches abandoned with no play. The season lasted 23 weeks and six days, I have counted it as 24 weeks.

No one played in every match. Will Smith played the most; 75 days in 24 weeks, which was an average of 3.125 days. The other man who averaged over 3 days was  James Vince, 73 days = 3.04 days per week – including seven x 5-Day Tests and one ODI.

Nine more players have averaged between two and three days per week: Adams 2.86; Dawson 2.86; McLaren 2.79; Ervine 2.66; Wheater 2.54; Alsop 2.54; Crane 2.38; McManus 2.29; and Berg 2.17

Those then are the main 11 players in all three competitions.

Five more players have averaged between one and two days: Andrew 1.67; Carberry 1.58; Wheal 1.66; Best 1.42 and Tomlinson 1.00

In addition to those 16 players, a further 12 have played for the first team, but fewer than one day per week: Weatherley (10 days in 24 weeks); Edwards, Wood & Carter (8); Sammy (6); Taylor, Stevenson, Wainwright & Topley (4); Griffiths (3) and Goodwin (1)

Some comparisons from previous years:

Hampshire used 28 players in 2016. In 1973 when they were last Champions they used 14 players one of whom, John Rice played only in one Sunday League game.

Carberry played most in 2015 (every match), 3.75 days

In 1973 (four competitions) Five players averaged 4.58 days

Kevan James in 1989 & 1992 averaged 4.24 days

Danny Livingstone in 1961 County Champions averaged 5.66 (including tourist & university matches)

Alan Rayment played in every Hampshire match in 1956 including MCC, Oxford Uni & Australians, and averaged 5.55 days


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I’ve just noticed that of the eleven who averaged more than two days per week, just four were regular bowlers and only two, McLaren & Berg, were pace bowlers

Comment by pompeypop

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