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A Proper Stumper
September 25, 2016, 5:08 pm
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Lewis McManus held 20 catches and executed six stumpings in the Championship. He is the first Hampshire ‘keeper to stump six men since Nic Pothas in 2007, when a famous Australian leg-spinner was captaining Hampshire. Since Adam Wheater also had one stumping (and 16 catches), the seven in 2016 was one more than in 2007.

Adams (13), Alsop (12) and Smith (11) were the main catchers. Dawson held just two and almost never fields in the slips these days. Nonetheless, in his Hampshire career he has 123 catches in 114 matches and is therefore one of very few Hampshire players to have more than 100 catches at better than one per match.


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Does anyone here know why Liam, our best slip catcher, no longer fields there? A few years ago he was the leading catcher (excluding wicket keepers) in the division.

Comment by Ian White

Quite right Ian and it mystifies me. Maybe because the old guys can’t run around so much? Maybe to protect his bowling hand? But I don’t know why.

Comment by Dave Allen

Either to protect the oldies, as you say, Dave… or perhaps… he seemed to stop after he damaged his stomach muscles and couldn’t bowl for a bit. I wondered whether the crouching slip position was thought to aggravate that/prevent it healing

Comment by Ageas

I can’t believe it is to protect the oldies. When you consider how many catching opportunities there are in the slips you really want your best catchers there whatever their age.

Comment by James

McManus 11 matches 26 dismissals Bat ave: 37.92
Wheater 13 matches 17 dismissals Bat ave: 47.22
McManus looks like a wicket keeper

Comment by Ageas

I agree. I think Wheater could have become a fine batsman but he obviously wants more – and no reason why McManus won’t go on improving from a solid base with his batting. He looks too like a proper ‘team man’

Comment by pompeypop

I’d be surprised if Lewis isn’t a proper ‘all-rounder’ wicket keeper in a year or two. Keeping is already very good, and the batting seemed to improve this year with experience

Comment by Ageas

And when Wheater was keeping in 2015, batting average <27

Comment by Ageas

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