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September 25, 2016, 7:58 am
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“We are in danger of sleepwalking into chaos”

We interrupt this statistical survey (briefly) to alert you to a very fine article by Vic Marks in today’s Observer:



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Today: Sean Terry playing for Ireland v South Africa

Comment by pompeypop

See Sean Terry was run out first ball in latest game against Australia…..

Comment by John Cottrell

Yet more common sense from a cricket man. What a shame someone like Vic isn’t in an influential position on the ECB.

Comment by James

What is the attitude of our Members Committee? I saw the subject didn’t make the Rose Bowl Round up.

Comment by Jeremy

VERY interesting question. There are some who watch championship cricket regularly, some who watch it as often as they can (working), some who don’t watch it very often and some who don’t. In the latter groups you see most of them more frequently at the ‘white ball’ matches. I talk about it to those I know best (including ‘Blogger’ Bob Murrell who broadly shares my views) but I don’t hear it discussed much. I’ve raised the changes at Committee meetings but with no consequence at Hampshire Cricket plc – but my co-opted days are over.

Comment by pompeypop

PS – I understand entirely what you mean about the Round Up but one bloke did mention it in his valedictory piece …

Comment by pompeypop

Yes Dave, I noticed that you alone mentioned it. A touch of Santayana on History, Franchise cricket has been tired here before. And failed, pre Hambledon, see Underdown, “Start of Play”, p96!

Comment by Jeremy

Whoops, “tired” should have been “tried”, but actually it’s more accurate!

Comment by Jeremy

Yes, I rather enjoyed that Freudian slip!!

Comment by pompeypop

If Hampshire Corporate Cricket do not intend to canvass the members about the proposed changes it would be good if the Members Committee did so at least our views could be presented.

Not that it would make any difference I suppose.

Otherwise what is the point of the Members Committee?

Comment by James

No point at all!

Comment by John West

Just as a follow up to the previous Sussex link, Jim May has a youtube 5 minute interview here:

Comment by Jeremy

Measured, diplomatic but on the whole very good. He reveals that Sussex are meeting/consulting with their members on Weds 12 October. He speaks about an eight-team tournament but also mentions seven cities which I take to imply seven plus West End (?). Many thanks Jeremy.

Comment by pompeypop

Two (rather than three) venues in London?? A case of who knows I guess, although two of Bristol, Cardiff, Chester-le-Street and West End would seem likely to not be used, maybe three of them.

Comment by StephenFH

He makes the point that ALL Team sports are suffering from declining participation. The Sport England data is much less gloomy than that the ECB are promoting to promote their agenda. Good to see it’s not being fallen for everywhere.

Comment by Jeremy

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