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Batting 2016
September 26, 2016, 10:33 am
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Less to say probably – on the whole it was OK but the fact that the top six in the averages are (in order) Ervine, McLaren, Wheater, Adams, McManus and Dawson suggests that the top order didn’t fire properly. No doubt batting against the new ball was harder on this year’s pitches and the loss of Carberry was significant, but below those six came Vince, averaging 34, Alsop 33 and Smith (just) 30. Only Ervine (4) and Wheater (2) scored more than one century and despite Jimmy Adams’ reasonable return of 897 runs (after missing the first two matches) at 36, he didn’t get to three figures.

Equally worrying, the ages and futures of Adams, Smith, McLaren, Ervine and Carberry – plus Berg who was next in the list with an average of 29. Alsop looks very promising if less so against spin, and if you remove his first three and last two innings his average improves considerably. He made some big scores in the 50 overs games too.

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I haven’t done any research to back this up but it seems to me that this season we have seen an unusually high number of middle and late order recoveries after the first four or five batsmen have failed across both divisions of the Championship. Worcestershire seem to specialise in it and Middlesex and Yorkshire regularly seem to have got decent scores after bad starts so maybe our misfiring top order isn’t that unusual?

Comment by James

I am too lazy to check it out, but I think the top order averages for the second half of the season would be much better than for the first half. Smith, Adams, Alsop, Dawson, Ervine and on return Vince all showed signs of improved form.

Comment by Ageas

Here are the averages for the 1st half and 2nd half of the season. Only Vince didn’t improve. Adams 34.91 and 36.76, Alsop 29.88 and 35.09, Dawson 23 and 52.57, Ervine 43.88 and 81.87, McLaren 48.28 and 61.75, McManus 2.50 (only 2 inns) and 42, Smith 23.06 and 37, Vince 39.28 and 28.28, Wheater 38.50 and 59.57. There were 3 centuries and 17 fifties in the first 8 matches and 10 centuries and 24 fifties in the 2nd half.

Comment by Tigger

Thank you Tigger

Comment by Ageas

So what conclusion do we draw? The disappointing start to the batting this season and if my memory serves me well, last season too is due to poor preparation? Or Barbadian pitches being inappropriate preparation for our porridge like pitches?
All the batsmen seemed to be affected. Any answers to our next coach I suggest.

Despite all the gloom I’m looking forward to all 3 formats next season. I just want us to compete with the bat far more than of recent years. I said ‘us’!😉

Comment by Chas C

A really good cricket-watching pal of mine Mike P used to say even back in the 1980s, that pre-season overseas trips always meant a bad start! Better to practice in the rain in Gosport.

Comment by pompeypop

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