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September 29, 2016, 11:18 am
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That’s a fair statement of Rod’s point of view, and I fear an accurate summary – that the longer form, and some counties, may not survive without an influx of funds (I note that Durham cannot go down the Hampshire hotel/ alternative ground use route because they don’t have a sufficient catchment area).
As someone who has been to every one of Hampshire’s championship games, home and away, this year, I hope that this does secure the future of first class and Test cricket

Comment by Ageas

Has the support for T20 cricket led to increased spectator interest in long-form cricket anywhere in the world? The cross-subsidy from T20 will no doubt be valuable in sustaining Test and 4-day cricket in the short term, but when we of the “rug and thermos” generation have died out…? Is long-form cricket doomed or could it be saved by determined marketing?

Comment by Ian White

I also think it a fair statement. I had an opportunity to join Rod for lunch at the ground a few weeks ago and although he is still passionate for the 4 day game he is a realist.

I am part of an organisation that is just about to celebrate 300 years since its formation. We have had to take steps to make sure it is fit for the modern world or it will wither on the vine. There is some opposition from traditionalists just as there will be for the changes in Cricket but if it means survival and growth as surveys suggest then so be it. Just as long as, in Cricket, the 4 day and 5 day test remains (although cutting back to 3 days and 4 days respectively with more overs each day might be palatable)

Comment by Ron Griffiths

So it’s a done deal as far as Hampshire are concerned.

How sad.

Comment by James

I am resigned to the fact that T20 cricket is taking over. Of course T20 has bigger audiences. It is played at times when everyone can go. The 4 day game is almost entirely played
on weekdays so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out
that the crowd will mainly be retired men and women.
With only 5 days of championship cricket in August at The Ageas Bowl is it any wonder that children don’t come. I was at Taunton in August and there were loads of children there. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact they are allowed to play on the outfield during lunch and tea.
If a new T20 competition is going to subsidise 4 day cricket then I guess it’s difficult to argue against it. I won’t be going but that is my choice. I will continue to watch County Cricket and I just hope the ECB don’t try and reduce it even more. There is talk of 3 divisions which would reduce the number of matches to 10 unless new teams are added, maybe the MCCU teams as most counties play them in friendlies already.
Finally, the children and young men and women that currently go to T20 will eventually reach retirement age. They will then want to watch proper Cricket. I just hope that it is still around for them to do so.

Comment by Tigger

Resigned acceptance with myself as well.

My concern is what if this competition does not make the money that it hopes to?

How long will this new competition subsidise First Class cricket for and is this really protecting the long term future of the game?

Comment by Ian


Can’t help feeling that the proposed solution needs a lot of work for it to make headway with any of the problems identified.

It is unclear why there is a need for it to be a city-based competition rather than a revamped county-based one, with promotion & relegation. Essex or Middlesex to play at the London Stadium if the demand for it was really there.

Comment by StephenFH

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