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For a Month or So
October 1, 2016, 7:46 am
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It’s what Rod says in his statement: “for a month or so every summer”, eight “city-based” teams.

Presumably then if his team is to participate the city will have to be Southampton? We need more details

A month or so – let’s be conservative and say then four weeks. The season is already too long but lasts 24 weeks. That would leave 20 weeks into which to fit the County Championship, the ‘traditional'(!) T20 and the 50 over whatever

With the shift to even numbers in the two divisions there will be no need to have blank weeks – teams can play 14 weeks of Championship cricket and that leaves six spare weeks to fit in the 50 overs cup and some of the other T20

But it means that in some weeks, some county players will be playing five days per week, although it has been suggested that the Championship will continue during the new City T20 month

Ian makes a very good point about issues of quality but I think it might be safe to propose that a County Championship deprived of the best overseas, best English county and England centrally-contracted Test players would not be of the highest standard

If the alternative is five days per week, how long will the PCA stand for that? One answer would be three divisions of six teams each with just five home matches – probably one each in April, May, June, July or August and September.

Is that right? Can we have more details or is this simply to be a rhetorical argument about financial security? If so, there have been so many occasions over many decades when the same arguments have been advanced. Is English cricket broke? If so, how come Michael Atherton can reveal (the Times yesterday) that centrally- contracted England players get around £600k pa plus bonuses and White-Ball contracts are worth £100k on top of full county salaries? I mean these players aren’t even as famous as some World Wrestling star so why should they be paid that much?


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The suggestion that the proposed changes are necessary to safeguard the financial future of the game is absolute nonsense. There’s plenty of money already in cricket. It’s locked away in the ECB’s bank accounts.

Rather than continue to leech from the counties and push them towards extinction the ECB needs to properly recompense the counties for the money it makes from using their players and their grounds to play international cricket.

The ECB has the morality of Blatter’s FIFA and sadly nothing will change whilst those in charge are totally motivated by money.

Comment by James

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