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October 3, 2016, 4:57 pm
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I’ll try to take an historical (hysterical?) perspective

The Hampshire side of 1974 is the unluckiest Championship side ever

The Hampshire side of 2016 is the luckiest Championship side ever

Discuss in no more than 500 words and writing on only one side of paper at a time

(Did that bloke we signed from Durham last week know something?)


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One thought: Despite all kinds of rumours about poorer counties (eg Northants), the two that have come closest to the brink are Hampshire (2000 & 2011/2012) and Durham (now). The two counties that have invested heavily in brand new Test match grounds (encouraged by ECB, Sport England etc etc) when the country didn’t need more Test grounds: Hampshire & Durham.

Comment by pompeypop

The ECB pushed and cajoled Durham into spending a fortune to produce an international venue that they could then exploit to fill their own bank accounts.

When Durham needed support the most our Chairman publicly said they should be relegated.

Mr Bransgrove has now got what he wanted and as a bonus has removed a competitor for an Ashes Test match. With friends like him who needs enemies?

Tonight I am embarrassed to be a Hampshire member but, above all else, immensely sad for Durham members and supporters.

Comment by James

My initial post was somewhat light hearted. The decision actually leaves me feeling pretty embarrassed and very sorry for everyone in Durham who takes no responsibility for this (supporters, players etc). I think if there was a case, it should have been Kent’s, given the one-off decision to promote just one side. It strikes me that Hampshire are well on the way to replacing Surrey as the most disliked club in the country and not merely because of this – it just helps. No sense of triumph here I’m afraid.

Comment by pompeypop

You may not agree with every decision Rod Bransgrove makes/has made but without a massive input from him over many years we might be in a very similar situation to Durham.

Comment by joster69

It would have been better if our chairman had not rubbed salt into Durham’s wounds by taking the opportunity to highlight how much he was looking forward to Division One cricket next season.

I fear Dave is correct in his thoughts that Hampshire are well on the way to becoming the most disliked club in the country. Something that appears to increase every time our chairman makes a statement.

Going back to a recent theme of song titles. I would advocate “Silence is Golden” to Mr Bransgrove.

Comment by James

Its obviously much better to be bailed out by EBC than ECB.

Perhaps Rod should be awarded his County Cap?

Comment by Jeremy

I am nowhere near the feeling lucky stage yet as I am just so sorry for the supporters of Durham. It is a heartbreaking situation for them & their players.

Another source of sadness is that Elizabeth Ammon (can’t understand why she ever makes it into a commentary box) is already writing incendiary tweets quoting conspiracy theories.
I don’t believe any true Hampshire supporter will be gloating about staying up under these circumstances. We benefit as a consequence of the situation, yes, but only because that is what the rules stated for this year. One up & two down.

Had we not striven as hard as we did at the end of the season it would be Notts benefitting now & not us. But then, we beat Notts twice this season so I guess ithat’s our fault too!

Comment by joster69

Is retrospective law-making the new forward thinking? Oh dear.

Are Durham CCC the new Spartacus? Hopefully so.

Comment by StephenFH

Not retrospective
James inspired me to post the following on this blog in mid-September:
James, you have inspired me to do some digging, and you’re right. ECB website says “Specsavers County Championship games will run throughout the summer and pause during blocks of limited-overs cricket. It will be played in two divisions – a top tier of eight and second division of ten – after one County has been promoted and two relegated this year. It will then revert to two-up, two-down.”
I confess that I often take assertions by others at matches about the Laws and Regulations with a pinch of salt, but I have been told so many times this year that it would continue to be one up, one down, that I was foolish enough to believe it.
Division 2 now seems a less scary prospect

Comment by Ageas

…..indeed yes; my point cum question is whether the ECB had a policy at the beginning of the season for counties in the degree of financial distress as per Durham or have they just made one up today? Did Durham (would another county) know what the consequences would be of excessive debts and not enough cash?

I don’t know the answer, although public comments made, including those by Rod Bransgrove in the last week, would suggest the answer may well be not and that ECB decision-making was retrospective.

Happy to be informed otherwise if so, would be better if it was. Not a great day for the County Championship if not.

Comment by StephenFH

As you all probably know I have been a member of Hampshire CCC since 1953 but I have also played a lot of Monopoly with my eldest grandson who is really competitive. In those games that would go on for two or three days I have always found the “Get Out Of Jai Freel” card very useful and am pleased that Hampshire did too!

Comment by Stephen Saunders

I respect the different views above, but I am elated!
I want the two Brad’s, Joe Wetherley, Tom Alsop, McManus etc to face the ” music ” of Div 1 cricket to prepare them for higher things. Lucky break yes, but let’s be glad all over.

Comment by Chas C

It is correct that Hampshire should stay up rather than Kent come up. Durhams financial help during the season might have benefited them to the possible “detriment” of other Div 1 clubs. Kent were not affected by this as they were in a different division

I have to be careful but a very good source told me Hampshire offered Durham assistance early in the season relating to the Test but the idea was turned down. It would have been a big benefit to Durhams financial situation I will say no more on the subject.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Can’t agree with any feelings of elation. Wanting my club to be held in high regard by supporters of other clubs is an even higher priority for me than wanting my club to win things. Tonight I feel sorry for Durham and a little ashamed of Mr Bransgroves statements.

Looking at twitter conspiracy theories are rife – but I would be surprised if this is wholely unconnected with the City T20 debate. The ECB asserting itself against a county

Comment by Keith Fray

I’m no apologist for Mr Bransgrove (Rod for his on the field performance, perhaps even Rodders), but I feel his full comments are quite balanced.

The Kent question is frankly a non-runner.

The Durham penalty is outrageous, they hav’n’t benefitted on the field. If they were paying lots to an overseas player, that might make it different. But they aren’t.

The simple fact is Durham have contributed more to the England team over the past 20 years than probably the bottom 6,7,8 counties combined.

They have certainly contributed more than Hampshire.

Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised, if in Runs, Wickets, Caps, and appearances on the winning side, their totals in 20 years match ours over our entire existence.

The ECB simply aren’t fit for purpose.

Comment by Jeremy

I have had a while to think about it. Initially I was pleased that I will be watching division 1 cricket next year but now frankly, I feel a little embarrassed. Talk about kicking a man (or in this case a team) when he’s down. I thought the ECB would have punished Durham with about 40 points, therefore leaving them in 7th place. Relegating them and then giving them 48 points reduction for next year, thereby meaning they will struggle to come back up seems extremely harsh. But it doesn’t stop there. Their ground has also been removed from the test grounds. I wonder if the forthcoming 8 city franchise had anything to do with this. There were 9 test grounds; now 8 which means the ECB have no decision to make. I feel sorry for Durham. Having visited The Riverside this year I found the staff and supporters very friendly and I can only imagine how they are feeling now.

Comment by Tigger

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