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October 4, 2016, 4:07 pm
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The back (sports) page of the Times is dominated by”Durham relegated over loan” and a photo of Ben Stokes practising with England yesterday.  The punishment is described as “humiliating” and there is a leading comment about Kent’s “fury” (no not the boxer).

Mike Atherton (when did he stop being Michael?) describes early in his report how Kent are “taking legal advice” and he reminds readers that Rod Bransgrove had argued Hampshire’s case “last week”, before the punishment was known. Bransgrove is quoted as saying yesterday that the sanctions were “fair and considered”.

Atherton however, says that the punishment “will be seen as draconian” and points out that the seriousness of Durham’s “financial plight” is shown by the fact that they had “no option but to agree to the package”.

Some of the Paul Collingwood quotes (below) are repeated here and he acknowledges that the club “has not been run as efficiently as it should have been”. Apparently the ECB took their decision last Wednesday, before Tom Harrison flew to Bangladesh. A Durham delegation went to Lord’s two days later, hoping to negotiate, but were simply presented with a “take it or leave it” proposal.

There is more detail about Kent’s view. The Kent Chairman says he was “led up the garden path”, having been advised not to speak before the decision (unlike Rod Bransgrove presumably). He added “I am more than upset, I am appalled … I have lost confidence in the ECB. We are certainly going to appeal, we are talking to lawyers”.

Atherton reveals that “there was little support for Durham’s position among other (conflicted it must be said) clubs. many felt their continued competitiveness was a result of spending money they did not have”. (That bit reminds me of the recent problems of my home-town football club – from FA Cup winners to fourth division regulars in less than a decade).

There is a separate article by Atherton which will strike a chord with some ‘Bloggers”, headlined “Too much money and power has been taken from the counties”.


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It is mildly amusing that the ECB have reserves of £70m (or is it £74m?).

And £70m divided by 18 is £3.88m

And Durhams bail out was, er, £3.8m!!!!

“Back me or sack me” “Take it or leave it” “Heads you lose Tails I win”

Comment by Jeremy

I’d replace “mildly amusing” with “bordering on criminal”!

Comment by James

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