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It was Tino
October 4, 2016, 6:58 am
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and Andy Carter, wot won it! Without their bowling performances in the two matches against Notts we would not (as Jo points out) have beaten them and today it would be Notts surviving. Always thought that Tino was a cracker (!)

Maybe my last thought (or question) on the matter. We keep hearing about the problems at Northants. Now the precedent has been set, where will they be relegated to if the worst happens? The Minor Counties?


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A certain individual was asked to advise Northants on Finances from the experience he had with Hampshires position a couple of years ago. Part of his advice that it was the need to restructure to open doors for financial investment.

We know Northants are in the process of going through that restructuring. It means less control from Membership but in the high finance world that is the only way forward. A new debate!!!!

Comment by Ron Griffiths

I thought that had all been agreed? at an EGM around Sept 7, iirc?

Comment by Jeremy

Yes it has but the restructuring and seeking other financial avenues goes on hence my “going through the process”

Comment by Ron Griffiths

All very clear and issues like corporate management, financial restructuring etc are beyond my experience/comprehension. But I did make a point yesterday that Durham and Hampshire have been the two most troubled sides economically in the 21st century. They are also the two sides that have led the way away from the old Members’ Club model towards the PLC future. I’ve referred elsewhere to my home town football club who interestingly over the same period have rescued themselves and moved towards financial security through a ‘sort of’ members club …

Comment by pompeypop

Whoops! It is in the paper, Sport section, page 4. Dave’s blog saves you a quid!

Comment by Jeremy

Changing the subject to Hampshire’s main assets, the players, rather the crudeness of hard cash, does anyone know what happened at the awards dinner last week? There is nothing on Hampshire Cricket’s website, nor in the local papers’ sites, nor the site run by Vimps, or anywhere else that I have searched. Who won what? Does anyone know?

Comment by John West

Ervine supporters player of the season and batsman of the season.
Players player of the year Dawson. McLaren Bowler of the year.
Clubmen of the year went to Topley and McLaren.
Suzie Bates Vipers player of the season
Special award for Tommo.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Batsman of the year – Sean Ervine
Bowler of the year – Ryan McLaren
Fans player of the year – Sean Ervine
Players player of the year – Liam Dawson
Clubmen of the year – Ryan McLaren & Reece Topley
Southern Vipers player of the year – Suzie Bates

Results were on the Facebook & Twitter feeds but appreciate not everybody uses those 😊

Comment by joster69

Thanks Jo, I have a Facebook account which I visit about twice a year, and perhaps I’m a twit to not twitter, but WHY are Hampshire Cricket not highlighting the successes of our players. If you are reading this Mr Bransgrove, Mr Mann or Mr Robinson, perhaps you will answer me on the Club’s website. Or perhaps more informally, you know who I am Stuart, you know my views about the End of Season event, compared the same event at the Oval, perhaps you would like to e-mail me with the reason for the lack of post-event publicity. I will not keep it covert.

Comment by John West

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