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Kent’s Chairman
October 4, 2016, 4:17 pm
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Story on the BBC (interesting idea of him being “shouted down” at the ECB)



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I do not blame Kent in trying to do the best for their county. The ECB is now run by dictators and awash with money, the only thing that matters in today’s world.
As for Kent not being formally told by ECB chiefs is disgusting.
Rod’s comments on South Today last night basically says it all, the I’m alright Jack attitude.
Will support Hampshire Cricket but I feel not in the same way again.

Comment by John Cottrell

Having read some more on the Durham situation during the season I think the Officials behind the ECB decision to relegate Durham is that had they not bailed Durham out the would have gone out of business. In that case only one county would have been relegated, that being Notts.

Comment by Bob Murrell

I still feel that the treatment of Durham was extremely harsh, especially when you look at the quality cricketers they have produced over the years.

But, I am really rather baffled by all the confusion/controversy regarding what has happened since.

At the start of this season ALL the counties knew that two division one sides would be relegated and only the winners of division two would be promoted.

It seems that Hampshire are being made a bit of a scapegoat for NOT finishing bottom of division one. When the season was looking dead and buried and almost everyone had written our chances off the players still put in enough of an effort on the field to finish eighth. Due to the problems at Durham it turns out that was enough to keep division one status for next year. Are we supposed to say “do you know what, we finished eighth, so please still relegate us and let the team that finished second in division two come up instead”.

Our season may not have been as tough as Durham’s has turned out to be ultimately but it was tough nonetheless. I don’t want to celebrate the misfortune of a fellow club but I do want to acknowledge the never say die attitude that meant we were in the position to benefit.

I am still, and always will be, proud to be a Hampshire supporter and come next season I will be found back in my usual seat as often as work allows.

Comment by joster69

There is an argument that says two down, one up, so it’s Durham, Notts and Essex. There is another that says that computation was supposed to be based on playing performances and results. The relegation of Durham was the result of entirely new criteria so the situation changes. I see no need for anyone to feel guilty about Hampshire – but probably not celebratory either. It’s more a matter of whether all counties were treated equally and fairly and the noises from Kent suggest maybe not. It is interesting however that Kent’s statements seem to express no sympathy for Durham (?).

As to the last point Jo, and your generally positive attitude for which you have my admiration, I felt much the same for 50+ years but now much less so. Since I did feel that way when I started this Blog I think I should acknowledge the change, which in my case is not about this latest issue, but is partly to do with Hampshire leading the charge into the brave new city-world. It is however mainly to do with my activities as the former Archivist and the difficulties I encountered along the way. I’m not at all sure I’ll be seeing you there next season, but the Blog continues.

Comment by pompeypop

Yes Kent could have been treated better in terms of a courtesy call by the ECB but other than that they have no case at all. It is not a conspiracy and I haven’t seen any Hampshire fans being celebratory about staying up and the overall feeling is one of sadness at Durham’s plight.

Sadly Hampshire are not well liked by other supporters, when I went on trips to watch England abroad and said who I supported I was always then told about how much they hated the Rose Bowl and various players etc. Also our Chairman’s comments over recent weeks have not presented us the ordinary supporters and members in the best light despite many of us sharing very little of Rod’s opinions.

This has unfortunately led to the comments about conspiracies when it is not our fault we find ourselves in this position other than trying to stay up but finishing in eighth.

Comment by Ian

I agree entirely Ian and as I have said before the comments of our Chairman have done great harm to the reputation of our club.

Comment by James

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