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A Funny Thing Happened …
October 10, 2016, 7:18 am
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There are a lovely couple of recent additions to the “Be I Hampshire” post. I know Neil (and his dad) very well and share his sense of frustration with his voluntary media work. He’s taken some fabulous photos over the years but there is always the danger that as a volunteer you get taken for granted.

Henry tells a nice tale and concludes “How lucky I was and am”. I think of myself as a lucky man in so many ways and certainly with cricket I’m very grateful to have lived when I did, to have seen what I saw. I have the whole winter now to ponder what that particular future might hold, and if that is not much, then no regrets.

I mentioned that on Wednesday I’m going to talk to the future generation at Winchester College – it will be a talk based around the ideas in Forever Changes the title of which is confirmed since in its six months existence it has become out-of-date!

I’m staying for supper so I shall miss the Forum. I’m not expecting much very funny to occur either on the way or once you get there, but who knows? On Wednesday I’ll post a brief message about it and invite everyone who does attend to add Comments here about what occurs. You can all be our Roving Reporters!


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