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Wednesday 12 October
October 12, 2016, 1:46 pm
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James Vince promised much again, but sadly he’s gone.

So, I’m off to Winchester and here is the slot for you, our ‘roving reporters’ to tell us about this evening at the Ageas Bowl


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I’ll start. A number of people spoke against the proposed changes -> Rod said thanks very much but Hampshire will be supporting them -> Everyone went home -> The Hampshire website said there was universal agreement at the meeting.

Ok so it’s three and a half hours before the meeting but I reckon my report will be pretty accurate.

Comment by James

So did anyone go….I know one person who did but nothing too much to report and no one shot at dawn this morning for speaking out against the City T20 nonsense…

Comment by John Cottrell

Rod’s comments on BBC,

Comment by John Cottrell

I’m surprised by the silence, but there is this from the BBC

“Hampshire chairman Rod Bransgrove believes support from the county’s members for a new city-based T20 competition is “overwhelming”. The county hosted a members’ forum on Wednesday to present details on the proposed eight-team competition, which could start as early as 2018. “There’s a lot more work to do, but the direction of travel is now confirmed,” Bransgrove told BBC Radio Solent.”

If it’s true, I have no complaints, I’ve argued quite hard against aspects of these proposals including publishing a book about it at my own expense. If Hampshire’s members are overwhelmingly in favour, that’s fine, although it makes it even more appropriate that I no longer act in any kind of ‘representative’ capacity at Hampshire Cricket plc. Those of us who are not in favour are, I guess, in a small minority, so I’m inclined to keep quiet about it all from here on in and go back to historical items on the Blog (like Leo’s obituary).

Hove beckons!

Comment by pompeypop

Not sure how the BBC report came about: the filmed interview with Rod included in the report is an old one: there’s a County Championship match going on in the background. Looks like the BBC just rehashed some old material

Comment by Ageas

I would have posted this earlier but have been busy so far today. I went to the meeting and, yes, the reaction was generally positive, but with reservations being voiced about the over-proliferation of competitions, the effect the new competition might have on the championship, the cost of tickets, and so on. I was one of those voicing these concerns, while conceding that something needs to be done. There was, I think, a general realisation, following the presentation by Stuart Robinson, that cricket is in dire straits owing to lack of money and lack of support from younger people, and that this new competition may rectify that. Rod Bransgrove repeatedly stated his commitment to the four-day game (I’m not sure he has always done that in the past) while saying that the number of games might have to be reduced slightly, and he emphasised that if changes are not made then cricket as a whole in this country could collapse, taking the longer forms of the game with it.

Rod Bransgrove’s comments are mentioned above in an earlier post – they were broadcast on Radio Solent this morning. I live out of range but listened on the computer. If you want to hear them via the I player, then click on this link – he appears at about 52 minutes in, and at about 1 hour 22 minutes you can hear the comments of some of the members, the last being yours truly :


It may be that some of the strongest objectors to the proposals decided not to attend, but, as I say, the general reaction was positive, and there was every opportunity for people to have their say.

Comment by Tim Driscoll

Thanks Tim. What I find least surprising – indeed I predicted it in ‘Forever Changes’ – is the suggestion that the Championship might have to be “reduced slightly”. It has of course already been reduced slightly for next season – it’ll soon be 12 games and eventually probably three divisions and five home matches per season – one per month, except for the ‘high summer’ new city-based T20. It means that the cricketers not selected for that event will play two or fewer games per week (average). I wonder whether they will then become part-time professionals?

Comment by pompeypop

The relative performance of cricket over the post SKY period is shown on this participation data from Sport England, page 7, interesting because it covers the entire SKY money period:


I’m guessing that that wasn’t the picture painted, Falling off a cliff etc?!

Sorry I couldn’t be there, but from the sound of it a good thing.

Comment by Jeremy

I did not attend because, having just had an eye operation, I am not driving at night. However, I think that many people who are not convinced that the new 20 over competition will bring in NEW spectators, and therefore new money, would feel, as I do, that the power of Mr Bransgrove would always prevail. Whether as a “member” or as a minor shareholder, and I am both, I think that the power of the plc and it’s superiors will always squash any views that we might have.

Comment by John West

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