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Let Chaos Commence
October 13, 2016, 4:18 pm
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I’m in Kent at the moment, so this is all quite “entertaining”. The Times article refers to the ECB Chairman, Deputy Chairman, CFO and COO loudly conspiring on a train on Sept15, agreeing to announce the relegation after the end of the season “when fewer people would be talking about cricket”.

Tangled webs, etc

Comment by Jeremy

I am appalled to hear that senior ECB officials travel by train. With all the money they have taken from the counties surely they should have their own private jets.

With any luck Kent will end up getting a High Court injunction delaying the start of next season. (To the end of April would be ideal!).

Comment by James

Given, unlike Helicopters, Balloons use Hot Air to get off the ground, maybe that would suit them better?

Comment by Jeremy

An excellent suggestion Jeremy. Ideally with no ability to return to earth so they can just drift upwards and upwards!

Comment by James

In professional football it has been standard practice to reprieve teams from relegation when a rival has been demoted for disciplinary reasons so in cricket it may be unprecedented but hardly a “perverse” decision.

Comment by Ian White

I think the problem is the way the ECB have relegated Durham. Had they docked Durham 50 points this season they would then have been 8th and thus relegated.

Comment by Bob Murrell

I know that my local football team went through all this and plummeted from FA Cup winners to the fourth Division in about 5 years but didn’t something similar happen to Saints, Bournemouth and maybe even Aldershot? Perhaps we could go back to a single Division next year, everyone plays everyone once and the top nine eight form Div One the following year.

Comment by pompeypop

There was a time when so many football clubs went into administration that the Football League had its policy of penalties ready and waiting.

The ECB judgement on Durham looks harsh from the outside and seems to be a comment on the amount of discretion they can exercise. Had Durham won the title would they still have been relegated?

Hants got lucky, Durham hard done by and Kent in third place.

Comment by StephenFH

Luckily, obviously entirely coincidentally, the ECB have just refloated their website, which means there is no longer a “Site Map”, which previously provided the only route with the slightest chance of finding what you were after, which makes it entirely impossible (e&oe) to check out their “Financial regulations”. Hopefully Kent’s lawyers will fare better than I have?! (as I’ve said previously I’ve no idea what merit they imagine their case has).

Comment by Jeremy

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