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20:20 in 2020(?)
October 18, 2016, 9:24 pm
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Seems to be the latest decision – at least according to the BBC site

In the meantime (if true) I’d suggest making the most of 14 Championship games per year for the next three years.

(Mind you I thought the previous ‘rush’ was to get another, new TV deal before the current one runs out in 2019?)


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Oh dear. Please arrange the following words…
…brewery… piss up…
Need I go on?

Comment by Ageas

It does strike a rather different note to the one last month, to which bravo and amen. In the ECB negotiation game, it would appear that the ball is in the outfield, and if Surrey are making their influence felt, it could be an all-run five. I wonder if we will see Feldman, M. coming onto bowl later on?

Comment by StephenFH

Also interesting in the the BBC report –

‘A fear games would only be held at Test match venues was said to be behind some of the initial opposition. But the ECB….is referring to the new tournament as regional rather than city-based or franchise-based’

This might get over some of the problems in naming teams say ‘Leeds’ and thus alienating people from Sheffield (Manchester/Liverpool, Cardiff/Swansea, Soton/Pompey etc etc ).

I’m no more likely to support a cricket team called ‘South-East’ than I am one called ‘Southampton’ though. And I’m a Saints fan

Comment by Keith Fray

Perhaps any T20 franchise based at the Rose Bowl could be called “Not Hampshire”?

They could then use the strap line “Not Hampshire, Not Cricket” and I could add my own “Not Going”.

I think I was a great loss to the marketing world!

Comment by James

I was amused by the idea of Sam Northeast playing for the South East. This led me to a bizarre flashback of John Southern – a Hampshire cricketer rarely mention on this blog.

Comment by Hedgehog

It’s becoming clear the reason they all had to sign a “Non Disclosure agreement” was because there was nothing to disclose.

They ought to offer broadcasters the rights to their meetings, I’d certainly pay good money to watch.

This is quite a good summary of Hollins views, I think:


Just for info, Alistair Cook was “recognised” by 28% of the kids (which was far higher than I would have expected). What % KP?!

By deliberately over-egging the pessimistic case re youth interest so as to promote what they imagine to be a solution they have done the game a rather major disservice. Hardly the way to encourage a bidding war between Sky and BT, is it?

(A longer version of Ageas’s response!)

Comment by Jeremy

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