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October 19, 2016, 9:45 am
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I have just spoken to Bryan Timms who has informed me about a celebration for the life of Leo Harrison as follows:

All Saints Church, Mudeford – midday, Monday 14 November

Followed by a gathering in the adjacent “Christchurch Harbour Inn”, Mudeford.

It is somewhat delayed to allow the family to assemble from around the world. It is a public event with a private funeral on the following day.


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I received this delightful observation from Nigel Dudley:

A lot has been written about his cricket, but I wanted to add a little about my experience of him as a coach.

Am now just coming up to 63 but as a teenager in the mid-60s (I must have been 13-14) I attended the Easter nets in Bournemouth where the county players coached schoolboys..

In the three years I went, I was lucky enough to be coached by Bob Cottam, Butch White and Peter Sainsbury. But the person I remember most was Leo Harrison, who seemed to be the senior person there (cant remember if he was there all three years, but his message was certainly there).

More than anyone else he created a coaching environment that taught me it was possible to play cricket full-blooded but with a smile on your face. He would hold a fielding practice with a robust reprimand for error but then the smile would break through and I would realise that cricket, after all, was only a game.

As I continued to play cricket, I played for and against those who had a grim faced seriousness and those who were repelled by the thought of any edge in the game.

And I was grateful that Leo Harrison had shown me that it is possible to combine a serious approach to the game with a sense of fun.

Those weeks spent in an March/April period when it was always seemed cold, wet or both, ensured that I not only enjoyed my cricket but that I would always support Hampshire. And I suspect that there is something of this approach to the game (which I also got from Arthur Holt when he was coaching the Hampshire Under 19s) even in the modern Hampshire – though that might make me over-sentimental.

Comment by pompeypop

What a wonderful tribute!

Comment by James

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