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Why 2020?
October 21, 2016, 10:43 am
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Why has the start date for the ‘Solent Sparklers’ v the ‘Sheffield Sloggers’ been put back to 2020? Why not 2018?

I spoke at Dorset Cricket Society yesterday – I go most years and it is always lively and informative. The audience is broadly retired and mostly male and shared my concerns about the future of the Championship – again like me, without necessarily being opposed to developing the T20

We talked considerably about the current and future game. I speculated that the decision to delay until 2020 might be something to do with TV deals – there was an implication of that sort in a brief report in The Times this week.

One member of the audience is originally from Kent and still in touch with people on their Committee. He confirmed this. According to what he has heard, the ECB believed their contract with Sky (running out in 2019) covered only all existing competitions, whereas it actually covers all competitions run by the ECB – including new ones.

If that is so, then a new competition in 2018 could not be on the table and open to new bids – it wouldn’t therefore generate lots of new money, and this can’t happen until all the deals are renegotiated in 2020.

As I say this is a verbal report – but it seems to fit with the implications in other reports this week.


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If only the ECB were half as concerned with cricket as they are with money they might have some credibility.

Comment by James

Something potentially rather pernicious that has slipped into the debate is the introduction of this “regional” tier, specifically posited as being between the county and international levels.

Comment by Jeremy

I thought that went away about 15/20 years ago. Just another excuse to reduce the number of matches. Let’s all go to Hove to support the south-east?

Comment by pompeypop

Let’s not!

Comment by James

Nice to see that in todays Sunday Telegraph questions are finally being asked about the very obvious material conflict of interest Graves has as ECB chairman.

Comment by Jeremy

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