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October 23, 2016, 1:55 pm
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Who’s getting up at 5am?

Boring this first-class cricket huh?

Meanwhile Jeremy alerts us to a story on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph’s Sports Section headlined “Counties target ECB chief Graves over conflict of interest”. This has to do with the fact that the Graves Family Trust is owed £18m by Yorkshire so it perhaps suits Graves for Yorkshire to get Tests, one of the eight-team ‘franchises’ etc. An ECB spokesman says “Our awarding of major matches is firmly based on principles of good governance” which I seem to recall, was not quite what Rod Bransgrove used to say about the allocation of Ashes Test Matches (especially to Cardiff).

It may all be a storm in a teacup, but it suggests that the ECB Chairman does not enjoy unconditional support from all the counties.

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The latest Private Eye (14 Oct – p.14 Sticky Wickets ) has an interesting ‘take’ on this story too. In fact that may be what the Telegraph has followed up.

Comment by David A.

Good spot, I’m glad someone has finally got the Eye to take an interest. They of course go further, and point out the obvious fact that CG’s (Costcutter strapline “Proud to be local”) family would benefit directly from City T20 Money.

In passing they also refer to the fact that his replacement as YCCC Chairman is the PWC partner who signed off on BHS as a going concern 5 days before it was sold for £1 by Mr Green.

By the way, what happened to the promised entertainment of the Hon Giles Stanford Clarke testifying before the Commons Select committee?

Hopefully TH has picked up something in Bangles about how to fill the grounds on workdays in a country where they probably really do have 9.4m potential match attenders.

Comment by Jeremy

Time for me to trot out my long-standing opinion that the Taliban do more for cricket than the ECB.

(And some thought I was joking!).

Comment by James

Tom Harrison/TMS Podcast:


Comment by pompeypop

A Sunday morning conversation about cricket that finished with talk of the importance of the product mix and distribution channels. Aggers did not sound especially impressed, with good reason.

TH also vision-light on the extra t20 competition which seems to be just an empty box at the moment.

Comment by StephenFH

Just in passing, the Harrison interview did seem to suggest they were going to look out how to make Frist Class cricket more appealing…

Recently the ECB Cricket Committee seemed to find their “No Toss” experiment to have been a success, perhaps because Spinners bowled 24.7% of overs, versus 22.3% in 2015.

They chose to ignore that the percentage of matches drawn rose by 40%, from 51 to 71.

In Division One, the Draw % rose even more dramatically, to 51% from 29%, 39% and 42% respectviely in each of the previous 3 years.

“Cricket Unleashed”?

Comment by Jeremy

This is a good thread! Ref draws and the pitches that produce them – we’ve just seen the problem with England and spin bowling (doing it or playing it). Rashid etc will never get a better surface on which to take wickets.

Comment by pompeypop

And yet our entourage, apparently peaked at 39, doesn’t include a Spin bowling coach.

I wonder how our £30m England team budget compares with Bangladesh’s?

On the plus side, TMS apparently had 600,000 online listeners for what was a gripping Test match. Would the pitch have had anything to do with that?!

Comment by Jeremy

But the surface only comes into play if you pitch the ball Dave!

Comment by James

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