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November 2, 2016, 3:33 pm
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I have just received this list from Stephen Chalke of the players still with us who appeared in the 1940s.

Derbys.           HL Johnson, KA Shearwood

Essex              KC Preston, DJ Insole, D Watkins, WT Greensmith

Glamorgan      DC Good

Gloucs            nil

Hants              JE Manners, AWH Rayment, RO Prouton

Kent                PV Davis, D Lacy-Scott, DG Ufton

Lancs              P Greenwood, BJ Howard, D Stone

Leics               nil

Middlesex       ML Laws

Northants       nil

Notts               BH Farr, B Notley

Somerset         nil

Surrey             nil

Sussex            DV Smith, ASM Oakman, JM Parks, RT Webb, GHG Doggart, CE Winn

Warwicks        TL Pritchard, D Flint

Worcs             PE Richardson

Yorks              FP McHugh

Those in bold I can recall seeing in the 1960s. I had forgotten that Ralph Prouton played for us in the 1940s – he used to come to our reunions but we seem to have lost contact with him in the past couple of years. Insole, Ufton and Parks were later linked with the Committees of their respective counties in which context I met all three. I was also on a Committee to rebuild the pavilion at Hambledon with the charming Hubert Doggart.


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Dave, You mayalready be aware that Ralph Prouton`s younger brother, Geoff, is still a member of the South Coast Umpires Panel

Comment by Chris Vincent

Cheers Chris – I didn’t know that. Lovely to have you on here. Did YOU know that there’s a photo of you umpiring on a post from 27 October here?

Comment by pompeypop

Yes, indeed, Geoff frequently attends matches at the ‘Bowl.
I batted with him at Northwood IOW, in the 1960s. We put on about 80 for the tenth wicket to draw the game. I got 6 of them!

Comment by Bob Elliott

There must be something in the water in Sussex!

Comment by James

James beat me to it, although I was going to reference the South East in general, as Hampshire, Kent and Essex are all well represented.

Comment by Hedgehog

Good morning Dave,

Yes, the list of players from the 1940s who are still with us is very interesting – Stephen sent the list to me too after I had forwarded your blog with the 1955 team photo. I will check how many I met.

Perhaps we can both research the current situation regarding Ralph Prouton. I phoned and texted his number on Tuesday – no response.

If successful I’ll let you know.

Senior Pro’ and the allusion to the existence of a mysterious 28 year old guy caused hilarity in my family – and with Elizabeth. Perhaps part of that chap has never grown-up?

Seriously, the status only deepens my sadness that only three of the

“class of ’55” remain on this planet. I have fond memories of them all and rejoice in the spirit in which we played the game. I am so thankful that, this time around, I was born in 1928.

Very best wishes to you and Lopu,



Comment by Alan Rayment


i have just spoken to Geoff. He says Ralph is fine, and living in Frome.

He also reckons he was 99 not out in the story above!!!


Comment by Bob Elliott

Thanks Bob – Good News!

Comment by pompeypop

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