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The Greatest(?)
November 5, 2016, 11:14 am
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Well my favourites anyway. In this weekend’s Cricket Paper is a centre page spread about our 1961 Champions. It’s a very nice article although there are some dodgy caricatures (signed by ‘Allen’ but it’s definitely not me!) – and there was time to add a note about leo, Vic and Jimmy. Well worth a read.

(Incidentally in my view the greatest was Gilliat’s mid-70s side, but emotionally 1961 is always the one for me)

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Totally agree that 1970s sides were better in way of class but having been there for the first championship win they have a particular place in my memory, (luckily not quite faded yet!).
As regards the caricatures I cannot ever remember Shack looking that cheerful.

Comment by John white

Hah! Maybe someone just slipped him a ten bob note. One (I think supposed to be Sainsbury) looks like a left-handed midget version of Fred Trueman!

Comment by pompeypop

Yes, a very good article but one important omission which I’m sure you will have spotted Dave, especially as it is a Pompey lad!
Mike Barnard—–Played 13 matches in 1961, 558 runs, average 29.36 and was a very good slip fielder taking 19 catches. Also could he have been the last player to have played 1st Div. football (a classy inside forward for Pompey in the mid-1950s) and win a county Championship medal? I’m sure you can answer that for me. I was lucky enough to see him play both soccer for Pompey and cricket for Hants.
I’ll advise the Cricket Paper of their omission.

Comment by Dave Wilson

Apologies for the late reply David and you are quite right they missed him. Particularly surprising as Mike played a number of key innings in the last few weeks of 1961 – not least on the last morning v Derbyshire. They also omitted to mention the more occasional guys, Bernard Harrison and Bryan Timms. I hope the Paper published your response.

Comment by pompeypop

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