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Why bother?
November 6, 2016, 7:59 am
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Very worrying. It was good to see the Southern Premier League took some strong action against a number of players last season but action should start with the clubs who should discipline their own players when necessary.

Comment by James

It is awful isn’t it? It gives a lie to all those stories we were brought up with about sport and character etc and it will wreck the local game just as referees are being treated similarly – and departing – local soccer.

Comment by pompeypop

It is quite easy really.
Umpires should make it clear to captains before the game starts that any abuse (I mean any; swearing directly at an umpire, spitting, threatening behaviour, actual bodily contact, etc.) will mean that the umpires will leave the field and declare the game over.

Comment by terrycrump

I’m with you on that Terry. You only have to look at football to see how degrees of overlooking/leniency simply lead players to push everything more and more. If every instance of shirt-pulling in the box was punished with a penalty it would stop in weeks (meanwhile the scores would go crazy!). The problem is that too few players have any sense of a longer term responsibility to the game in general – just their own performance on the day.

Comment by pompeypop

That would certainly stop it but only if the cricket authorities fully supported such action. If you look at football the problem is that the authorities do not support their referees. As an example a few years ago the Northern League instructed all referees to show an immediate red card for swearing only for the Football Association to order them to rescind the instruction.

However I’m sure the ECB would support such action by umpires ……………… if there was enough money in it!

Comment by James

Chatting to some coaches of recreational rugby referees last week, it is another sport that is not immune to a few plonkers making the lot of the officials unpleasant at times.

But the overwhelming majority of players they dealt were.. of course… good at adhering to ‘gamevalues’, which includes the acceptance all round of mistakes by ‘sir’.

Perhaps cricket could be helped by agreeing a form of address to the umpires.

Comment by StephenFH

From my pal Graham Mills:
Dr Tom Webb interviewed about his research on cricket umpire abuse: http://yellownews.tveyes.com/PlaybackPortal.aspx?SavedEditID=f3936be7-7f83-4fc7-a6ec-9b83445b5d39

Comment by pompeypop

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