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Just in time …
November 15, 2016, 8:30 am
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… for the new John Lewis advert and re-runs of Clarence saving James Stewart. Not exactly a secret, but:

“Hampshire Cricket are pleased to announce the signing of Australian International George Bailey as the club’s overseas player on a two-year deal. The 34-year-old, who will be available in all three formats across the next two seasons, returns to the Ageas Bowl following a previous spell with the club back in 2013. George Bailey said: “I’m thrilled to be returning to Hampshire for the next two years. I had a great time at the Ageas Bowl back in 2013 and I’m really excited about the progress the squad has made over the last few years.”

Mind you how long before the Aussies need him?!! Congratulations to Mr Abbott.


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I know it is difficult getting a good overseas player because if he is going to bring star quality to the side he needs to be a top international. However, whilst Bailey is a recognised and proven batting talent I wonder where he will fit in to provide balance.

We have likely lost Carberry for next season whilst he continues to battle his illness. I am not sure the position with Adams but if he retires it leaves us short in the opening batting position with only Alsop recognised in that position.

Let us assume Vince will need time to work on his errors to get back to Test cricket. With him in the side we may have batsmen Adams, Alsop, Smith, Vince, Bailey, allrounders Dawson & Ervine, the latter being more just a batsman now, McManus and then 3 bowling positions. A definite unbalance.

Bailey will likely be away for ICC Trophy in June (and part of May for build-up). Does Smith drop out when Bailey is playing? It seems likely. We need bowlers at 8,9,10,11 Berg may take 8 unless our promised top class bowler (from Rod’s mouth before the end of season) is an allrounder. He will not be an overseas but maybe a Kolpak? Cannot think of any English qualifying bowlers available! We need to reserve a place for Crane so does that leaves Edwards Wheal and promised new signing vying for 3 places? Not looking good for Crane for part of the season as I am sure we will go for 4 seamers early on to give some balance.

Going to be an interesting season….again.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

I forgot Topley as well!

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Mind you Ron, I left him out of the Handbook last year. Was that the jinx? !!

Comment by pompeypop

I think that you are ignoring some players, Ron. I would happy to watch Tom Alsop opening with Joe Weatherley, or even Ben Duggan.

Comment by John West

Looking at our present first team on the web site I have trawled through news reports etc and have come up with the present contract list
Jimmy Adams – out of contract
Tom Alsop – contract until 2019
Will Smith – contract until 2017
James Vince – contract until 2019
George Bailey – contract until 2018
Liam Dawson – contract until 2019
Sean Ervine – – out of contract
Lewis McManus- contract until 2019
Gareth Berg – contract until 2017
Mason Crane – contract until 2019
Brad Wheal – contract until 2019
Fidel Edwards – contract until 2017
Reece Topley – contract until 2017
Chris Wood – out of contract
Joe Weatherley – development contract until 2017
Brad Taylor – out of contract?
Ryan Stevenson – contract until 2017

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Great stuff Ron, cheers.

Comment by pompeypop

I also try and keep an up to date list of players and their contract periods and I am in agreement with Ron’s list.

What has happened to Gareth Andrew did I miss his release.

Someone recent said that Chris Wood had signed a one year extension (2017) is this true.

Comment by John Cottrell

Oh do not forget the signings Asher Hale-bopp Joseph Arthur Hart and Fraser Hay both on one year deals.

Comment by John Cottrell

Wasn’t Gareth Andrew signed on a match by match basis?

Comment by Adrian

Whereas I am actually happy to have Bailey back with us I am this morning wondering if signing an Austraian batsman who is not good enough to get into the current Aussie Test team is really a bright move!

Comment by James

Wood was on radio mid-season and said he was on the verge of signing a one year extension. Since contracts seem to end at the end of the season, and he was doing half term coaching courses, I assume he’s signed.
No mention of Jake Goodwin above, who made at least one first team appearance this year.
On Bailey, the rumour was that he’d retire from international cricket and thus, injury aside, we’d have him for two uninterrupted seasons. In my view, better to have someone just outside the selectors’ view and keep them – bit like the old days (Forever Changes p 149 (do I get commission for plugging the book?)) rather than someone slightly better who stays a week or two
Like others above, I hope his presence doesn’t block the pathway for the youngsters. Conversely, if he puts in consistent solid middle order performances, perhaps it will allow the Whites to stick with the youngsters and put pressure on the places of Adams, Smith, Ervine etc

Comment by Ageas

Cheque in the post!

Comment by Dave Allen

My concern is about our ability to bowl out sides twice. Will Topley and Edwards be available throughout the season? England may call for Topley and can Edwards resist kicking a football?
With McLaren gone we do look light in the bowling area.
Interesting that neither Adams nor Ervine have re-signed yet.

Comment by Paul

John says: “do not forget the signings Asher Hale-bopp Joseph Arthur Hart and Fraser Hay both on one year deals.”

How many players is that?

Comment by pompeypop

It is rather a worry that the Hale-Bopp comet is not scheduled to be sighted again until the year 4380. Let’s hope we see its namesake on the field a little before then!

Comment by James

Gareth Andrew leaving Hampshire – or so he’s been tweeting

Comment by Ageas

I rather assumed he had left at the end of the season as he was signed on a “match by match” basis wasn’t he?

Comment by James

Indeed, but I was responding to Adrian above

Comment by Ageas

Ah, sorry didn’t see John’s original question.

Comment by James

This week’s Cricket Paper indicates that Bailey’s availability is subject to Australia’s needs. Given their current state, that could be quite substantial, so possibly another part-time overseas signing?

Comment by pompeypop

It could be but at 34 and having a batting average in the mid-twenties in his five tests he may well be seen as having had his chance at Test level.

Of course if the younger Aussie batsmen continue to fail spectacularly (three more selected for the next test including a lad from Middlesborough) who knows?

Comment by James

Of course if he spends a couple of years with us he will find It’s a Wonderful Life!

Comment by James

Having, as James says, just selected 3 youngsters, I would be surprised if they went back to Bailey
The Aussies have a stronger history of picking young players and they’ll be looking to build a strong squad for the future particularly with next winter’s Ashes in mind.

Comment by Ageas

Btw Dave, a random sample taken in Rome this week suggested that 50% of the Roman reading population was reading ‘Forever Changes’.
Have you sold the film rights yet?

Comment by Ageas

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