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It certainly didn’t help
November 21, 2016, 7:33 am
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India batting again! (see below)

I dared to hope yesterday and therefore kept quiet, not wishing to push my luck. It made no difference. Lots will be said so I’ll make just one observation: it was another triumph for the ECB’s handling of the County Championship and their employment of inspectors to ensure that a generation or two of English batsmen don’t know how to play spin.

More broadly, there was a fascinating profile of Hameed in yesterday’s Observer. He’s not a product of the Championship because he hasn’t played enough – the article told how he learned at his club and with his family, even apparently practising in the snow. We learned  too that he came from a less than privileged background in the north-west.

It made me reflect on the fact that we have a couple of big cities in Hampshire with lots of young people growing up in similarly tough conditions. There might be a Hameed there somewhere but how many promising kids do we have from those two cities – indeed have we found over the past 20+ years?



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Interesting discussion on TV about who should play, given that Duckett is probably shot. It came down to Buttler which would mean an England side with just three specialist batsmen and a bunch of batters who also bowl or keep wicket. It seems that the Championship is no longer able to provide England with Test-quality batsmen (Compton, Lyth, Robson, Vince, Ballance, Duckett etc)

Comment by pompeypop

Another aspect of this is the playing schedule on the tour. If they do bring Buttler in how when did he last play a first-class match? Tours without the occasional practice match make it very difficult to bring in those players not originally included in the Test team.

Comment by Bob Murrell

Totally agree Bob and once again it is all about money and the fact here is none to be made in playing additional tour fixtures.

If only the authorities thought as much about the cricket as the money!

Comment by James

According to coverage today he’s played one first-class match in 12 months. I think even the Rev David Sheppard played more than that before the 1962/3 tour!

Comment by pompeypop

We could certainly do with him now. Someone to lead the prayers!

Comment by James

This reminds me a bit of Scyld Berry’s bit about “hotspots”. It seems Hameed’s hotspot is his family?! And notably he’s played no one day stuff for Lancs, outside the 2ndXI.

Duckett’s technique is pretty astonishing. Makes you wonder if anyone who picked him saw him play. And of course it does make Div Two look ridiculous, which hardly helps defending the county game!

Comment by Jeremy

Joe weatherly, mason crane and Brad Taylor all played with Hameed at Eng 17s and 19s.
They all said he was something very special and very much earmarked by England at an young age. He was the talk of the group whenever they came back from Loughborough.
He has an extremely close relationship with his highly motivated dad who fed him cricket balls everyday since he was knee high. (A bit like judge and his dad maybe… )
It is a massive shame that both So’ton and Portsmouth aren’t producing enough young cricketers. But the clubs are trying!
In the county age groups it appears that Winchester and north/northeast of the county are the areas producing a large number of the best young cricketers at the moment.

Comment by jimtom

Thanks Jimtom. I’m SURE the clubs are trying where they exist – although the Southampton scene has declined terribly from the great days of Deanery, Southampton Weds etc. The question is, what is the County doing? Relying on Wiltshire, Dorset, public schoolboys and overseas players by the look of it.

Comment by pompeypop

Didn’t we have a re-organisation a year or so back with Charlie Freeston replacing Bobby Parks as Academy coach and at the same time bringing all representative cricket under our umbrella? Maybe that will in time improve things (although I’m not holding my breath!).

Comment by James

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