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Ball tampering
November 23, 2016, 5:55 pm
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I once spoke to a Hampshire bowler who made his debut before the war and in that first game was thrown the ball back to bowl and saw it had been ‘altered’ by one of the fielders. It has always happened.

That doesn’t make it right of course.

But one interesting thing about cricket is that we take it for granted that – within the size/weight laws – every batsman gets to use their own bat and can do certain things to it to get it just right (tape, sanding, extra rubber grips etc). The batsman is also allowed to change his gloves when he wants – for example for a dry pair.

So, within the Laws of size and weight, why shouldn’t every bowler use his (or her) own ball in whatever condition he/she wishes? Why the difference, because it really is a batsman’s game or because to make such a radical change would require an act of imagination which are not common around cricket?

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It’s an interesting idea. You can just imagine James Anderson coming on to bowl and producing the ball he took 6-20 with in the previous game and his opening partner using the ball he had been working on the previous night in the bar with his bottle top!

Daft of course but is it any more daft than fining Du Plessis for having a sweet in his mouth? As he rightly says everyone should be treated in the same way so will we now ask the umpires to check for signs that players are chewing sweets? Will DRS-style reviews be brought in to ensure correct decisions are being made? Will we have chewo as well as snicko? I think we could easily achieve an average of six overs an hour!

Comment by James

The news we’ve been waiting for! T20 blast fixtures for 2017 out tomorrow at 6:00pm.
Difficult to do sarcasm in writing.
Full list next Thursday.

Comment by Paul

A mate had emailed to tell me “Apparently T20 fixtures out on Thursday at 18:00 on Thursday and Championship fixtures at 00:00 on Friday morning” Presumably that’s now changed?

Comment by Richard Griffiths

See link to Glamorgan’s website to confirm Midnight


Comment by Richard Griffiths

You wonder why on earth anyone would release a fixture list at midnight but then you remember it is being organised by the ECB.

Comment by James

Ah the ECB must think there is money to be made from waiting until midnight or we are all going to be too excited with the T20 fixtures that we would not be able to comprehend the proper cricket fixtures.

Comment by John Cottrell

What’s happened to Friday night is T20 night?

Comment by Paul

Bizarrely, even at midnight the ECB couldn’t get the fixtures on its website

Comment by Ageas

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