Hampshire Cricket History

November 26, 2016, 11:27 am
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Make sure you check all the great STATS in the Comments on the previous post – really interesting, really informative and really sad

Many, many thanks

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I am sure that all the readers of Pompeypop’s fantastic blog will love this (or hate it!) It is both interesting, and extremely sad. The ECB in their wisdom have completely revamped their website, and as seems to be the norm these days, the new site is much worse than the old site. I looked at the fixture list for Hampshire for next season and the 1st game against Yorkshire has TWELVE entries, YES TWELVE entries – that is 3 entries for each day of the 4 day match. That crap continues throughout the fixture list. Maybe it is time that the first class and the minor counties clubbed together to form a new governing body for British cricket!

Comment by John West

It is quite extraordinary isn’t it? If it was a publication it would be proof-read, checked etc and perhaps have at worst just one or two errors slipping through unseen. Somehow, the digital revolution permits this kind of sloppiness and chaos – except on here of course!!

Comment by pompeypop

Of course, Dave. I do proof read my comments several times before I submit them!! Perhaps I should apply for a job at the ECB!

Comment by John West

It’s the same in books these as well. It’s assumed that the proofing tools in Word are sufficient

Comment by Paul

I too had trouble with the new ECB site. It is terrible! Designed by Colin Graves perhaps!

Comment by Tigger

To be fair it will be quite an achievement if the ECB’s latest website is worse than the previous one!

Comment by James

Well, they’ve managed it.

It seems to be completely impossible to download a complete list.

Needless to say, they stopped doing an easily downloadable excel spreadsheet many years ago.

Hutber’s Law applies!

Comment by Jeremy

I haven’t checked it for accuracy, but it appears there is a complete County/Int fixture list in this weekend’s Cricket Paper.

Comment by pompeypop

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