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A First XI
November 27, 2016, 8:32 pm
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Imagine you had to name a Hampshire best XI from the 21st century. That’s effectively what James Tomlinson has done this week in the Cricket Paper – the team he’s chosen covers his years at Hampshire, the past dozen + years

I won’t reveal (yet) who he chose, in case you want to have a go, or at least a guess. There are, I think, some ‘certainties’ and one or two surprises.

Two, like James, are Hampshire-born; and there are two or maybe three other Englishmen. Three are South Africans, two Aussies and one from New Zealand although the ‘maybe’ also has a link with the Kiwis. Five have represented England.

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Tremlett, Udal from Hampshire. Dimi the maybe. MacKenzie, Pothas & Pietersen the SA. Warne & Clarke the Aussies, McMillan from NZ. Carberry and Vince.

Comment by Paul

Maybe McLaren for Pietersen.

Comment by Paul

My team:

Adams, Vince, Crawley, McKenzie, Watson, Dawson, Pothas, Warne, Mascarhenas, Tremlett, Bond.

Comment by Bob Elliott

Good choice Bob although I might replace Bond with
Stuart Clark who gave so much good coaching to Tremlett by example. Suspect he helped Tommo as well.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

12th man Tahir

Comment by Bob Elliott

Surely we should find a place for Marcus North…. everyone else did!

Comment by Jeremy

I was attempting to second guess Tommo’s selection not my own best 11. Did I get that wrong?

Comment by Paul

Either is perfectly fine Paul – cheers

Comment by pompeypop

Trying to second guess him but I I would go Adams, Udal as the Hampshire men. Dimi as the NZ link with Bond as the Kiwi. South Africans Abbott, McKenzie and Pothas Aussies Katich and Warne. Other two perhaps Cork and Vince. If not Cork Carberry perhaps.

Comment by Ian

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