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Double Six again
December 18, 2016, 8:01 am
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66* yesterday and delightful too, but today Liam was hit for two big sixes early on and it’s not really surprising on that pitch against those batsmen that Liam is not (yet?) having much impact as a bowler, although compared to Rashid he is giving some control.

However, I saw some interesting stats on screen this morning about the most successful visiting bowlers in India over the past 25 years. In terms of wickets, it’s no surprise that Murali and Warne topped the list but both averaged well over 40 apiece. Other spinners were similar, with only Swann (just) under 30, while the best averages (low 20s each) were McGrath, Gillespie and Steyn – all pace men – and Anderson in the low 30s.

PS No Indian Test player has ever played for Hampshire, but Paddy has just rushed on to treat an Indian batsman and it struck me that both Physios are from Hampshire

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If you were watching around 9.20am you will have seen and heard a fascinating analysis of Liam’s bowling action and comparison with Jadeja, showing Jadeja bowling with a flowing action very upright, whereas Liam falls away towards the umpire in delivery and does not follow through significantly.

Comment by pompeypop

Shortly after this Root bowled one over in which he was nicely reverse swept and felt the need to gob off at the batsman as he ran to his end, then a couple of balls later he fielded the ball and hurled it back at the batsman who was not trying to run. He was very bad-tempered leaving the field after being legitimately given out in the first innings, and he still looks like a kid – is he sufficiently mature to be a captain?

Comment by pompeypop

A cynic would say as captain he would be a good fit with many of England’s other temperamental “stars”!

Comment by James

60+ overs bowled by England’s spinners in the innings, yet the over rate is dreadful – 13.5 overs per hour and two overs short today, even with the extra half-hour.

Comment by pompeypop

I’m afraid that until the administrators, umpires and match referees do something about it then it is going to continue particularly when the fielding side has nothing whatsoever to offer.

Comment by James

Liam is also set to have a higher test batting average than bowling average. Definitely a genuine test all rounder.

Comment by Ian

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