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No More Changes
December 21, 2016, 4:50 pm
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No, not wishful thinking – just letting you know that Forever Changes has sold out, has been removed from Amazon, and I don’t propose to reprint (it’s already out-of-date of course!). I’ve sold a few in the run-up to Christmas but it is slowing down now.

I’m very grateful to everyone who bought a copy or supported the project – I was able to present the cheque to Cage Cricket earlier in the year and every county plus MCC, Wisden etc was sent a copy although I’ve no idea if it had any impact.

The most important thing for me was to say what I did however insignificant the consequences might be – so, cheers and a Merry Christmas!

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Incidentally you can still buy one copy on Amazon – which was there before I withdrew it. It’s second-hand so of course it’s listed at just


Have a look!!

Comment by pompeypop

By the way, I promise it’s nothing to do with me. At that price it must be a rare unsigned copy!

Comment by pompeypop

Are you sure it’s not 199 copies?

Comment by James

It is crazy isn’t it? If anyone missed it and recognises this as a complete rip off I’ll happily send you the original Word Document text. A bit longer than Richard Gilliat but happy to do so (For free!)

Comment by pompeypop

Probably ‘fat finger’ by the person entering the details

Comment by Ageas

Ah yes, maybe. 1.99 seems more appropriate!

Comment by Dave Allen

You do tend to regularly find items listed at ridiculous prices (no offence Dave!) on these online auction sites. I suppose the seller is taking a punt that somewhere out in internet land there is someone stupid enough to pay the price asked.

Comment by James

James, surely Dave’s wise words are worth £199? Perhaps you meant a ridiculously low price? All the best to you and other contributors for Christmas and the New Year

Comment by Ageas

Fair point Ageas! Merry Christmas to you, Dave and all other contributors and readers.

Comment by James

No offence at all, if it’s serious then I think whoever sells it should donate most of it to Cage Cricket as I did. Some years ago I published a book called Pompey Pop Pix (music) at about 15 quid and I saw that on Ebay recently at one hundred pounds – it’s barmy.

Comment by Dave Allen

Jus balance it out, Dave, there was a copy of Pompey Pop Pix in the Waterlooville Heart Foundation charity shop for £1.50 a couple of weeks ago 🙂

Comment by neil m

Now that is a bargain!

Comment by pompeypop

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