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December 31, 2016, 8:39 am
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Happy New Year folks. In some fairly significant respects, 2016 was the least happy cricket year of my life although this Blog brings me great cheer. I’m still very ambivalent about what 2017 might hold but I guess the only real wish I have these days is that Hampshire might win one more Championship. I used to say ‘in my lifetime’ but now I’m just as inclined to think, before the entire competition disintegrates or is abandoned by those with power.

So what about you? The Genie grants you just ONE cricket wish for 2017:

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I am torn between Hampshire winning the Championship and a fully fit Michael Carberry scoring a thousand runs. As Dave has gone for the former I will go for the latter.

Comment by James

I totally agree. A fully fit Carbs gets my vote.

Comment by John West

The other genie having done the ‘Who do you support test’ bearing a certain politician’s name, the introduction of an ‘Is this change really necessary test’, to be known as the ‘Hospital Commentary Box test’, or the ‘JY test’, as may be thought appropriate.

Happy New Year.

Comment by stephenfh

I like the ‘JY Test’ – we could have recipes too …

Comment by Dave Allen

One ‘blogger’ has reported a problem with access this morning so I’m posting this merely to check – others seem to be getting on ok?

Comment by pompeypop

Is this genie to be trusted? If so, I wish that the 4th ball of the 16th over of the 1st innings of the 2nd ODI of the summer will be a no-ball. Now I’m off down the bookies …

Happy New Year to Dave and all the bloggers here.

Comment by Hedgehog

He can fix anything!

Comment by pompeypop

OK., Genie. You can fix anything! My wish is that in 2017 Hampshire Cricket Heritage, that I have cherished for long, is set up on a formal and legal basis with committed people involved and intent on resolving all the outstanding problems.
Now there’s a challenge!

Comment by Stephen Saunders

Cor Blimey! The merely challenging we can do – the impossible might take a little longer!

Comment by pompeypop

Hi Dave

A happy new year to you and all on the blog.

Having seen the replies so far, difficult to say. From a purely playing point of view Hampshire to win the championship. On the wider scene Stephen’s wish for Hampshire Heritage would be my wish.

Comment by Bob Murrell

A fully recovered Carbs. Plus a bit of sunshine for the four day stuff.

Happy New Year to one and all!

Comment by Jeremy

I heartily agree with Stephen and Jeremy regarding Carbs and Hampshire Cricket Heritage. Personally I ask the Genie to ban sledging on a red card and fines/match bans basis: also for non-conformist Championship pitches to enable ‘spin’ to balance the dominance of ‘seam.’

Comment by Punchy

Happy New Year all.

I would just like mid table obscurity rather than a relegation struggle for 2017 please.

Comment by Ian

Being old enough to be an exhibit I would like to see Dave’s museum come to fruition.
A very great new year to all.
I would definitely vote for Punchy for the Disciplinary committee.

Comment by John white

Many thanks for all of these – lovely!

Comment by pompeypop

Happy New Year Dave and to all ‘the bloggers’. I agree entirely with your views, Dave, and also with all those wishing Carbs a full recovery.

In trying to think of something different and original, I would suggest re-naming the pavilion ‘the Dave Allen Pavilion or Emporium. That should raise a few eyebrows!

Comment by Dave Wilson

More than a few Dave! And probably more than eyebrows. Happy New Year

Comment by pompeypop

I propose “The Dave Allen Plaza” to be that area on the south eastern promenade where the “permanent” cricket cage was.

Comment by Hedgehog

Our website would probably report that as a new addition to the Atrium menu – “The Dave Allen Pizza”.

And I know it isn’t allowed but nevertheless my second wish for 2017 would be for Durham to run away with the Division Two title (and for our Chairman to sent to present them with the trophy).

Comment by James

I’m not to sure Dave’s “Pound shop” is quite on the same wavelength as the plc’s “vision” of their “offer”?!

Comment by Jeremy

Happy new year fellow blog commenters.
Liam to play more test cricket.

Comment by Paul

Kyle Abbott would be a great signing

Comment by Paul

Sorry no new posts at the moment – both my Blogs misbehaving somewhat …

Comment by pompeypop

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