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January 3, 2017, 5:30 pm
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BBC: “Hampshire are refusing to comment on reports South Africa bowler Kyle Abbott may rejoin them on a long-term deal as a Kolpak registration. The 29-year-old is currently playing for his country in their home Test series against Sri Lanka. Abbott, who previously played as an overseas signing for Hampshire in 2014, has played 10 Tests for South Africa”.

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. . and Topley is injured again.

Comment by Bob Elliott

Where did you see that one Bob? And is it really “again” if he hasn’t played since the last injury. Perhaps he’s injured ‘still’ – or is it a different problem?

Comment by pompeypop

Radio Solent this morning said he is to have an operation on his bowling shoulder and miss the Englandd gig that is he was meant to be going on. . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

Thanks Bob. So, since he joined, his injuries have been hand, back and shoulder. Move On Up as Curtis once said. It’s all a bit unlucky I guess but given that he has not bowled in a match since making his Hampshire debut nine months ago, how did this injury occur (or why was it not spotted previously)? If 500 is the new 300, is Topley the new Tremlett?

Comment by pompeypop

Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes

Comment by Ageas

Think the Abbott one has been in the melting pot since early September. Rod mentioned it to me then without a name. It fits with not being announced until the spring. SA have Tests until then before they move to England for Tests, & IOD competitions.

When it broke yesterday SA say they did not know about it!

Abbott is now playing well for SA and may be having second thoughts but it will be all about whether they retain him when other bowlers are fit, bearing in mind the SA quota system.

Reported that Hampshire will offer 3 year deal at £100,000 per year and medical insurance. They will probably allow him to play T20 round the world as well!! Abbott is 27 and this will give him a bit of financial and playing stability

Still, it is in the open now so this will hopefully bring it to a head.

As for Topley, he does seem a bit injury prone for someone of such tender years and little exposure!

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Kyle is 29 years and 200 days old according to a profile….and would be a great signing especially if Kolpak although ECB are trying to cut down Kolpak numbers pre Bretix….

As for Topley it is no wonder Essex got rid of him…

Comment by John Cottrell

Just noticed that John. Should have looked it up before I posted!

Comment by Ron Griffiths

If we assume Abbott signs, they have a lot of guys who might be expected to play but don’t really bat. That may be OK in T20 but perm any four from Topley, Abbott, Edwards, Crane, and Wheal, leaving Berg and McManus at 6 & 7. Then, at the other end, Alsop, Adams, Bailey, Vince & Dawson from 1-5, so can Ervine play? (I’m thinking mostly here of the Championship). Sean can’t play as a real all-rounder any more but he was our best batsman last year.

Comment by pompeypop

For Championship, Alsop, Adams, Bailey, Vince, Dawson, Ervine, McManus, Abbott, Edwards leaving two places for Topley, Berg, Crane & Wheal.

I think Crane and Berg will share depending on wicket and Topley and Wheal for other place in the team.

It gets more interesting if Carberry is back and fit! Might be Adams and Carberry looking for opening spot with Alsop.

Agree with you though, Ervine place in doubt unless he can bowl a decent amount of overs to balance the side as Abbott & Edwards should be used in short spells to keep them fit and effective.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Are Ervine, Adams and Taylor even likely to be on the staff this year? If the lack of official information is to be trusted they are all out of contract. If Ervine does return his name should be the first on the team sheet for his dogged, reliable batting which has rescued us from many a crisis.

Comment by Ian White

I don’t think Topley will appear much in the Championship this year. If he does get fit enough to be considered you can bet England will want to wrap him up and allow us to use him only very occasionally. As he has only played 32 first-class games since his debut in 2011 I can only assume that we signed him primarily as a one-day player so I would regard any four-day appearances he makes as a bonus.

Kyle Abbot would be a far better signing as far as I am concerned.

Comment by James

Wrapping Topley up I need cotton wool is the best way of ensuring he gets injured again. Get him fully fit then let him play. Interesting that the SA equivalent to ECB have sent Parnell off the play for his domestic side to get some match play as he is not in the SA test side.

Regarding the Abbott situation the commentators have just said that they understand there are a couple of meetings after play today to discuss the Abbott situation.

Comment by Bob Murrell

Agree entirely about Topley Bob. As a former bowler I well know that the best way to keep fit for bowling is to bowl. But we are talking about the ECB here so ……

Comment by James

Looks like SA Management have arranged a meeting after todays play to discuss Kolpak. assume this is because of the Abbott report. Coming to a head it seems

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Many thanks Ron. It’s a complex and somewhat sad story I think. I met Kyle Abbott once and thought him a fine guy but not much in this business so far makes me feel more fond of the current world of county cricket.

Comment by pompeypop

I wonder if one of the reasons Abbott is considering walking away from South African cricket is because he feels he is being penalised by their quota system. If so you could hardly blame him.

Comment by James

I’m sure the quota system is one key factor, plus the money they can’t make in SA

Comment by Dave Allen

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