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January 5, 2017, 11:55 am
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(Thanks to Ron – see Comment below)

Is Rossouw from Gosport – or is that just a rumour?

Kyle Abbott’s international career has effectively been ended following the second Test against Sri Lanka after talks with Cricket South Africa failed to dissuade him from accepting a Kolpak deal with Hampshire.

ESPNcricinfo broke the news of Abbott’s signing on Tuesday, of which CSA had no knowledge. The board has spent the last two days in meetings with Abbott’s agent, Weber van Wyk, but that were unable to come to any arrangement that will convince Abbott to stay in South Africa, and his contract has been terminated with immediate effect. It was also confirmed that batsman Rilee Rossouw has signed a Kolpak deal with Hampshire

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We look to have picked up a quality batsman (ave over 44 in 1st Class cricket) and we know Abbott’s pedigree.

Going to be a big selection problem for the Coach but healthy competition for places both batting and bowling. Is this the end for Ervine and or Adams? Are Hampshire confident they can sort out Vince’s batting weakness and get him back in the England side? Are they covering for Dawson getting more England exposure? If nothing else it is a statement of intent.

My only concern is that we now have 1 overseas, 3 Kolpaks, an Aging Zimbabwean and South African (who represented Italy) and a young SA all good enough to be in the first 11.

Rename the team, “Chalkies Foreign Legion” ??

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Last summer, John Woodcock, a Hampshire Vice President, resident of Longparish and one of the great newspaper writers observed that Hampshire Cricket no longer has a clear identity – at least not one that has much to do with the county. If Adams follows Tomlinson into retirement, Brad Taylor might be the only Hampshire-born player – unless Chris Wood is fit and plays. In the first season I watched Hampshire, they used 19 players in all first-class matches, of whom 11 were Hampshire-born, and five others made their first-class debuts for the county. The three exceptions? Roy Marshall (WI/Barbados), Henry Horton (Worcs) and Dennis Baldry (Middx).

Comment by pompeypop

Joe Weatherley??

Interesting general point re the birthplace or the where the players come from, iirc the 1973 Championship winning team had four Hampshire born players (TJ, PS,BH, RL), not sure if or when it has differed much since.

Comment by stephenfh

To be honest in the modern world I’m relaxed about young guys from over the border who come through our system (Vince, Dawson, Alsop) and I’m not against signing good players from other counties/overseas but I’d like to see a balance with the majority from the former. My real frustration is that cricket has declined in Portsmouth and even more Southampton and we’re not doing much about it – Weatherley is promising but he’s another privately-educated Winchester boy, like Jimmy Adams. Lovely blokes both but …

Comment by Dave Allen

One possible concern that I have is that in the original story on Cricinfo broke by George Dobell. It mentions the possibility of him being free to play in T20 leagues around the world. Does this include the IPL as this of course means missing quite a few Championship games?

Comment by Ian

I tweeted George Dobell and he came back to me saying he doesn’t think the IPL is included in that.

I guess this is just one of the unintended consequences of the brexit vote.

Comment by Ian

Someone else although how reliable I don’t know suggests Abbott’s agent has negotiated him to be allowed to go to IPL if selected.

Probably need the club to clear this one up.

Comment by Ian

Kolpak briefly explainedhttp://www.espncricinfo.com/england/content/story/1075718.html

And in answer to Ian, I suspect they can only play in leagues outside of the domestic England season. Think that was what Dobell meant but I am not absolutely sure.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Following on from Ron’s initial point regarding selection I think we need to look at the wider picture. With regard to the Championship we were all but relegated in 2015 before our miraculous recovery and we were relegated last year before our reprieve. Conclusive proof I believe that our team (and squad) simply isn’t good enough for Division One cricket.

Therefore we desperately need to strengthen and if that means established players (even internationals) who have not performed consistently in the past lose their places then that is what has to happen. Hopefully the increased competition will inspire them to raise their game.

Like Dave and others I would love us to be able to sign/develop Hampshire born lads but realistically this isn’t going to happen in the short-term so what are the alternatives? Well we could aim to sign English players but the problem there is that if they start to perform they are likely to become part of one development program or another and their availability to us would most likely be restricted (as with Topley who wasn’t allowed to play towards the end of last season in order for him to recover fully – and look how well that went!).

An alternative would be to look for overseas players with UK or European passports but these would most likely be very short-term solutions as we would surely lose them to their home countries if and when they started to perform.

So maybe signings like Abbott and Rossouw are the answer. Experienced players who want to make a career in this country and who are prepared to make a long-term commitment to Hampshire to safeguard their and their families futures? It worked well with Sean Ervine after all.

As for the impact it would have on the England team and its future well to me that is totally unimportant. The ECB show very little interest in the counties other than to use them as a means for generating millions for them to bank so counties like Hampshire need to look after their own interests.

So my initial reaction is to welcome the signings and regard it as a positive move for the future.

Comment by James

I think you are probably right James. The issue for me is not that we cannot produce Hampshire-born players in the near future but rather that we’ve done very little about that throughout this century – and few if any of the current Academy players are from the county. It may be that we have no will to change that, in which case why don’t we save money on the Academy and coaches and continue to spend it on the tried and tested?

Comment by pompeypop

Changing the story to fixtures, the Hampshire Academy fixtures for 2017 season have been showing on the Southern Cricket League website for around a week or so now but as usual nothing been posted on the main Hampshire Cricket website although this is nothing new of course….
Does anyone know when the Second XI fixtures will be available or where to find them as the ECB website is now a complete mystery adventure to find anything of use about County Cricket… grump over…

Comment by John Cottrell

Is Rossouw a left-hander? We’ve got a few of them at the top of the order

Comment by pompeypop

Yes left handed. Will he adjust to early season English cricket. Not certain but I suppose the no toss rule helps in this case.

Comment by Ian

Interesting points. With so many signings what would our best XI be: (red ball)
1 from Adams/Ervine/Smith/Weatherly/Goodwin
2 from Berg/Crane/Taylor/Wheal depending on wicket
Edwards/Topley/Wood/Stevenson/Young depending on fitness

My only concern is around 20/20 worldwide competitions which could rob us of Bailey/Roussow/Abbott/Vince/Edwards(Caribbean). The availability to play in these could be a large part of some of the above’s contracts. Also Bailey’s international commitments with Australia/Champions League.

International call-ups for Dawson/Vince/Alsop/Crane would be a further, but exciting, issue to cover.

Have to say it’s a great looking squad with plenty of quality, experienced cover which will certainly be needed. On that note Adams, Ervine and Smith could be the most valuable members of the squad !! Sean will certainly expect a starting position at number 3/4 after the finish to last season and may be around for several years in that position with his bowling no longer required.

I look forward to our new overseas stars but, no disrespect, as much to the continual development of our youngsters Alsop/Crane/Wheal/Goodwin and Taylor. I have great hopes for Brad as an exciting all-rounder with his developing batting skills.

AND still a second overseas for T20 to come !!

Can’t wait to see you all at the start of the season


Comment by Richard Griffiths

Competing in Div1, not just taking part. Now that’s more like it! RG you are so right.

Comment by Chas C

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