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Help me – information
January 7, 2017, 2:22 pm
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It’s a line from Chuck Berry’s “Memphis Tennessee” of course and I do want some help, but you might not wish to Comment publicly, so you can email me at


I promise to treat any information confidentially and anonymously

I’m a life member, I hold shares in the PLC and some years ago I took out a Debenture which I’ve used a couple of times for Test Match tickets. The term of that investment ended at the turn of the year, and I opted not to extend it (Hampshire offered that option). A few weeks ago, they emailed me the following message:

“Thank you for confirming that you would like to redeem the capital investment made into your Rose Bowl Debenture at the end of 2016. I can confirm that your investment will be returned by Bank Transfer to your nominated Bank Account (the account into which interest is paid) between Tuesday 3rd January and Friday 6th January 2017.”

My final interest payment was paid yesterday morning (Friday 6th) but the capital sum did not appear, and as it’s now Saturday afternoon (7th), it won’t arrive this week. Before I begin to enquire what’s happening, I’d be interested to know if anyone out there has had a similar experience?



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The interest payments are all a bit slower than I would like, so I would assume that the capital repayment may also be a few days late. On Tuesday or Wednesday I would ask Greig Stewart if the payment hasn’t arrived

Comment by Ageas


Comment by pompeypop

I think they take our direct debits today. Bearing in mind how “Strapped for cash” they are, perhaps that money will soon be recirculated, to your benefit – I hope!?

Comment by Jeremy

Cheers Jeremy, I hope so too – no sign of it today. I don’t mind if it comes this week, or indeed next, although I have a plan to use a substantial part of it for a specific project. I do mind however, that they send me misleading information. What happens if we turn up for the first match of the season and they decide to play it a week later? It’s another frustration for me in a deteriorating relationship with a club I once cared about.

Comment by pompeypop

I decided to enquire and received this reply from someone I don’t know: “Apologies for the delay in payment, the payments have been authorised and will be in your account this week.”

Comment by pompeypop

Btw – the membership direct debits didn’t go out today either!

Comment by Ageas

Membership direct debit is the end of the month. Mine anyway and has been for the last few seasons.

Comment by Ian

Was due to be earlier this year

Comment by Ageas

Do you think they’ve spent everything on South Africans? But if so, wouldn’t they want our money quicker? Incidentally I noticed more SA Kolpacks arriving.

Comment by pompeypop

I needed to email Greig as my interest payment has had tax deducted…….I’m not rich enough for that to apply to me after the changes this tax year. He is not available until Wednesday so will chase that again then.

Maybe once he is back your money will turn up…….I guess it is possible that the extra debentures that became available might have added to delays?

Comment by joster69

I also have an issue with the interest being paid late. In the first few years it was paid before the end of December, then it crept to 2nd /3rd January and now 6th January. I emailed and telephoned Greig last week initially without reply until I persisted and managed to contact him. He did say they would look into trying to get the interest paid earlier next time.

Like Jo I am also now concerned that the interest should not have had tax deducted from it following the change in tax rules, so I will be emailing him again on this matter later today or tomorrow.

Comment by Martin

Good point re tax.

Comment by Ageas

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