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Money, Money, Money
January 9, 2017, 2:54 pm
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The previous post reminded me that for some years I had thought to write a piece about the financial commitments of those of us with official but unpaid roles at the club. I found myself in occasional conversations with members, when they were surprised by some of this information and I had thought to write a Handbook article. It’s too late for that now but here are some thoughts and I’ll answer any questions if I can.

Firstly all us, whether Full Committee (last century), Members Committee (now), Hon Archivist or Vice President (I’ve done the lot), are fully paid-up members and, in addition, we are ‘invited’ to pay a subsidy (currently £80 pa) which covers costs of parking and tea/coffee in the Committee Room. Any committee lunches (usually Hambledon Suite) are charged to us on the day (£20+). The only VPs who do not pay memberships are former players, who receive an annual membership in recognition of services rendered on the field. VPs are re-elected every year en masse and the honour usually goes in recognition of significant service (mostly voluntary) to the club.

The main purpose these days of Committee lunches is to entertain visiting Committee – most of whom of course, still run their clubs. This is reciprocated when we travel to watch Hampshire away and this is the main ‘perk’, although there is a hierarchy of access (Rod, then Directors, Committee Chairman, Committee, VPs). Some grounds are more popular than others – a day out with the Lord’s (Middx) Committee is a bit special although it only comes once every decade! For financial reasons, some counties limit the full access to a day’s hospitality, although generally provide tickets and on grounds which have it, car parking for all who ask.

If you travel away in an official capacity you can make use of preferential rates in team hotels but the club doesn’t pay, and if you stay in the team hotel, on the whole it’s better not to be too demanding on players at close of play. The young men these days seem to behave outrageously well and often decline the offer of another ginger beer in the hotel bar anyway. Oh my Ingleby, long ago.

Other perks? On two or three occasions the club has invited me to attend significant matches (eg Tests at home or Lord’s Finals) from a box with full hospitality which is quite wonderful. I shall always treasure sitting next to Terry Crump in our Lord’s box during the final over v Warwickshire in 2012! T20 Finals Day at Edgbaston wasn’t quite so thrilling.


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One of my happy memories too Dave. I think we learned a lot about each other during those 6 balls.
Still look at the photo of us with the cup back at the hotel. Happier times mate. HNY

Comment by Terry

Ah memories!I
Not travelling away as often as I did I still have happy memories of visits away and meeting so many interesting people
In my younger days (long long ago) I was the youngest member on the committee until my record was broken by Brian Ford.
In those days We usually played at Lords and
I must admit to very much enjoying the gin and tonics supplied by the committee. (Conforming to the steriotype).
You will remember the committee meetings at Northland Road, on some occasions I could swear there were more people in the committee room than watching the cricket
As you infer in your blog so many people have given so much keep the club going often through difficult times.
My early years on the commitee were during the days of Desmond Eagar I wonder what he would have made of the present set up.
Like you I still hope to see a museum on the ground, should you wish a stuffed ex commitree member for the display I might well be available.

Comment by John white

So, when entertaining visiting committee people, they get a free lunch, but our representatives don’t?

I’d assumed the reason our Members Committee were so conspicuously silent on the dismembering of the Championship was because they were terrified of losing their free lunches and parking spaces. Wrong again.

Comment by Jeremy

Hah! That’s correct, although I should have added that on each match day except day four of a Championship match there is a Duty Committee Member (DCM) whose job is to look after all visitors and generally liaise with the club and s/he (all he these days) does get a free lunch. Everyone else from the home county pays. The DCM is separate from the person who sits on the desk before play on Day One

Comment by pompeypop

Maybe you should take your own sandwiches into the committee lunch to make a point!

Comment by James

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