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January 10, 2017, 5:21 pm
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It seems to have been missed in most places but The Times today reports that Michael Carberry has returned from his media work abroad and is due to meet up with the other home-based Hampshire players this week to resume training – getting fit for the new season.



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Report confirmed in the Hindustan Times……don’t ask how I found that!

Comment by John West

It’s just brilliant news!! Along with Liam doing well today.

Comment by Christine England

Excellent news!

Comment by Ian White

I can’t think of a cricketer who has shown more resilience and determination to succeed, or overcome so much on the way.

And the way England treated him was shabby beyond belief.

Terrific news.

Comment by Jeremy

“Missed in most places” including the Hampshire Cricket web site, whose “Cricket News” headlines include such gems as

“Enjoy A 12 Month eforea spa Membership For The Price Of 10!”


“Boundary Lakes Ladies Coffee Afternoon Announced”

By contrast, Somerset’s site has a piece (including video interview) with their oldest surviving player Tony Sutton. There’s a challenge for you to match Dave!

Although to be fair in my criticism of Hants above I should add that Somerset also has a “news item” of a plea to join their catering team.

Comment by Hedgehog

Ah but Hedgehog it’s the Hampshire Corporate PLC website where anything to do with cricket is very much secondary.

Comment by James

Yes PLC … we were informed recently that the PLC was changing in so far as payment of membership to Hampshire Cricket Ltd (I think) so not sure we can moan about PLC this and PLC that…although I will continue to do so 😊😊

Comment by John Cottrell

John, names mean nothing – the management is still the same.

Comment by John West

Whoever the target audience are – cricket fans or wedding planners – the page layout and navigation menus of the ageasbowl site are extremely poorly designed. For example my laptop screen is about 8-inches tall and on every webpage my screen is filled with the menus and banner graphics, with none of the page “body” visible until I scroll the page up. Not a good image for a “plc”.

Comment by Hedgehog

I put out a plea to Giles White (I hope that you read this blog) to give us supporters, who attend every day of every match at home, for CRICKET news. I don’t care about efor?? offers, or ladies golf coffee meetings, tell us about our cricket please.

Comment by John West

I was not being serious about a name change would improve things as it is always the management who decides what goes on the website and when then are all “marketing” bods we can only expect little in relation to cricket matters on our feeble website.

Comment by John Cottrell

Amazingly I first read this news in the Dundee Courier online! I note that Giles talks of supporting him in any way the club can, but doesn’t say he’ll be part of the squad/ get a contract. It may be complicated as rumour had it that he got an insurance package (which was triggered by Hampshire terminating his contract, for his benefit, I understood)

Comment by Ageas

When Carbs was fighting back from his heart issue, he would be in the nets on Seconds and Academy days for hours at a time. And he wasn’t just patting balls back from a dog thrower, but facing a ball, running two, facing another balling, running two again, over and over again. Really gritty stuff.

And of course there was the hilarious moment, if bitter sweet at the time, when, having finally ground his way to a ton when given an England A chance at the bowl, he leapt punching the air in celebration, pulled a muscle and had to be stretchered off!

Comment by Jeremy

Still nothing on the Hampshire website!
Anyway, great news, I certainly hope I have the chance to announce his first innings back.

Comment by John white

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