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January 13, 2017, 6:56 pm
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I’ve been to the Ageas Bowl today – my first visit since my unhappy truncated final day of last season. I met with Richard Griffiths in the Archive and we chatted about this and that including a plan for a visual tribute to Hampshire’s ‘South Africans’ and progress on establishing a Heritage Trust to ensure the security of all the artefacts, books etc at the club. My relationship at present is a bit semi-detached, but I do have some projects and I’ll describe one on the next Post, inviting your comments and thoughts.

Meanwhile, the Cricket Paper today has a few relevant pieces including a confirmation of the Michael Carberry story – Giles White adds, his task now is “working back to full fitness”. Derek Pringle offers an article about ‘adopted’ Englishmen, asking who was the best of the lot. On this Blog there may be few dissenters from his nomination of Robin Smith. Simon Sweetman of the ACS, in his regular column, however reveals that he’s a Basingstoke boy and has supported Hampshire for 60 years, but his column’s headline “Cricket losing its soul with Kolpack influence” reveals how he feels.

There is an ‘exclusive’ by Elizabeth Ammon, predicting a vote in the spring to approve an eight-team city T20 franchise. It’s worth a read because there is considerable detail.

Perhaps the most surprising entry is a photo of Somerset’s T20 Champions of 2005, from which we learn that John Francis was a “spinner”- did we miss that fact? Next to him is Gareth Andrew about whom it says “all-rounder who is about to start his second season with Hampshire” (??). There is also a reminiscence by Michael Brown, titled “It was so great fielding at short leg when Warnie came on to bowl”.



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I well recall Michael Brown being hit in the side from a full-blooded pull whilst fielding at short-leg to Warne at Arundel. After some delay for treatment he was taken out of the firing line and sent to field near us on the boundary where we “consoled” him by telling him that the skipper reckoned it was a dropped catch.

Comment by James

Sweetman says ” A few years ago Hampshire had some very promising young players: Danny Briggs, good enough to play limited overs cricket for England, Michael Bates, rated as one of the very best keepers in the country at 20, and Chris Wood. None are still there, and part of the reason must have been the difficulty in fitting them in around overseas-born mercenaries.”

That’s just rubbish, isn’t it? None of those players problems result at all from the presence of overseas players. And Chris Wood is still here, isn’t he?

Comment by Jeremy

I know Adam Wheater came from Essex, but even a die-hard Hampshire fan probably wouldn’t call Essex “overseas”.
And Danny himself was from overseas!!

Comment by Ageas

As far as I know Wood has one more year. I agree with your main point Jeremy, but what interested me is that those three did not ‘break through’ and they’re all from Hampshire & the Isle of Wight. Then Sweetman gets (rightly) optimistic about Alsop, Crane and McManus – but not one f them are from within the county. The contemporaries of the first three who did make it were Vince and Dawson from Wiltshire. Who will put the Hampshire in Hampshire?

Comment by pompeypop

All fair points!

On the CityT20… so Graves’s placeman at YCCC is going for “Headingly” so as to not alienate most of the county by calling it “Leeds”? Yorkies are well known for their gullibility, so I expect they’ll love being conned like that 😉

Comment by Jeremy

‘We’ could be Eastleigh or maybe West End? If the former, we could have Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Allen as our Patron, if the latter, we could adopt Armstong’s wonderful “West End Blues” as our theme tune. What jolly fun! (There again, we could be Southampton and finally end my uncertainty).

Comment by pompeypop

Couldn’t we just be …. excluded?

Comment by James

The ” ” ” .. ” ” ” in “We” is certainly crucial!

I wonder, after the Emirates Spinnaker business, if “The Blues” would go down too well in West Bitterne?

Eastleigh FC apparently are “The Spitfires” which would be an excellent name, though of course entirely and totally inappropriate for such a tawdry enterprise. Hopefully, whilst good taste probably wouldn’t prove much of a hindrance, Shepherd Neame might have something to say about it?

The best outcome would probably be for the ECB to return to normal relations and blackball “us” as normal so that reasonably proper 50 over cricket can be played at the Bowl while the Bash KnockOff is performed elsewhere.

Comment by Jeremy

I’m with you two guys in truth. Let others have all the ‘fun’!

Comment by pompeypop

And Kent, sponsored by Shepherd Neame, are already the Spitfires

Comment by Ageas

The expectation was a hope by the final paragraph, so hopefully……

Comment by stephenfh

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