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January 15, 2017, 8:33 am
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No Liam today

There’s a new Heritage Committee and Trust moving into action now and they’ve asked me to help with a new display tribute to Hampshire’s South Africans, so I’m asking you for your help too. When I compiled the first list I managed to forget the only South African-born Hampshire player to captain England (!).

Here’s my basic list of South African-born Hampshire players

AE, DM and WHB Evans (either side of First World War)

CB Llewellyn (1899/1910)

E Oliver (1911)

WLC Creese (1928/39)

Then came more familiar names: BA Richards followed by CL Smith, RA Smith, CFE Goldie, SJ Jefferies and in this century, Nic Pothas, Kevin Latouf, ‘Nante’ Hayward, Neil McKenzie, Kevin Pietersen, Kyle Abbott, the new guy Rossouw and …

Three ‘interesting’ cases:

Army officer RM Poore born in Ireland but in 1895/6 while stationed in SA he represented a South African XI against ‘England’ in a match that was subsequently designated as a Test Match

Tom Dean born Gosport but raised in SA. Returned to play for Hampshire in 1939 and post-war (probably doesn’t count)

Imran Tahir, not born in SA but represented them.

Any thoughts? Anyone missing?


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Michael Lumb. SA born but represented England in limited overs cricket.

Comment by Ian

Excellent Ian – cheers. Just what I needed!

Comment by pompeypop

It is Eric Olivier, with an I, Dave.

Bit of an ‘Ace’ too.


Comment by Bob Elliott

It is, well done Bob. Interesting biog (and premature death) – I was chatting to Richard on Friday about him when I also mis-spelled him. I think I read somewhere he was related to the great actor but it says nothing here (?)

Comment by pompeypop

Brad Wheal……..

Comment by joster69

Doh! Cheers Jo. Boy do I need you guys!

Comment by pompeypop

Then there’s Basil Melle, Rory Kleinveldt, Friedel De Wet, and Ryan McLaren . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

. . and Myburghe, Steve Jeffries, and Jono McLean

Comment by Bob Elliott

Whoops, Myburgh

Comment by Bob Elliott

. . and Jeffries was in your list Whoops again!.

Comment by Bob Elliott

Don’t worry about that Bob – rather have them twice than miss someone. Thanks for them – but do I have to include Kleinveldt? (!!)

Comment by pompeypop

Gareth Berg………

Comment by joster69

Nice one. Some say Italian, but yes, born SA.

This will be a BIG Board!

Comment by Bob Elliott

Should concentration be on those who played in South African domestic cricket? A number of those above at the turn of the 20th century just happened to be born in SA as they were sons of servicemen, civil servants etc. There have been 30-odd Hampshire players born in India who come into this category but, of course, not a single Indian has played for Hampshire (unless you include JG Greig, but I’m sure he never regarded himself as being Indian. See A Corner of a Foreign Field-Greig indulged in behaviour which would clearly now be regarded as racist).

There were of course a host of English born Hampshire players who appeared in domestic cricket in SA, e.g. Trevor Jesty.

Comment by Alan Edwards

Good thoughts Alan, thank you. Clearly, with this number I’m going to have to have an explanatory narrative and probably a set of categories – it’s a more complicated tale than that of the West Indians or Australians (and I’ve not yet checked about Rhodesians before Zimbabwe …). I suppose a useful question would be, if Kent were doing a similar thing about their Indians, would they include Colin Cowdrey? (probably not).

These responses have been SO helpful. Thank you everyone.

Comment by pompeypop

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