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The South African conundrum
January 17, 2017, 9:18 am
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I was very grateful for all the Comments about the South African display – and since you guys ‘represent’ the intended audience I’m going to keep asking a question or two.

I thought Alan Edwards was very sensible in suggesting/observing “Should concentration be on those who played in South African domestic cricket? A number of those above at the turn of the 20th century just happened to be born in SA as they were sons of servicemen, civil servants etc”.

That would exclude the three Evans, although I guess RM Poore does count as having played in “South African domestic cricket”.


It would mean including Rory Kleinveldt, a decent enough cricketer but on his one appearance for Hampshire probably the worst overseas player we ever had and ‘Nante’ Hayward who also played just one first-class match (plus T20) but not Brad Wheal who has never played senior South African cricket and would be omitted along with the Evans. That doesn’t seem right to me.

Then we might also have mentioned Jimmy Cook and Dale Benkenstein?

It’s not easy being a cricket historian you know!

PS Fortunately Little Mix are not South African …

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My initial question is are you trying to document every single South African who has played or just those who have had a significant impact with Hampshire?

If it is the latter then the list will of course be subjective and the likes of Kleinveldt, Hayward and Wheal (at the moment) could be excluded. Personally I would also exclude Pietersen on the basis he achieved very little with us other than much bad feeling.

I would also exclude those who were born in South Africa but who were raised and whose cricket development occurred elsewhere although, if the intention is to document every one then perhaps these should appear as a footnote. Having said that I’m not sure where that leaves Imran Tahir. As you say, it’s not easy is it?

Comment by James

I suggest that the SA qualification could be broadened to include “representative” cricket – Brad Wheal could then qualify because he has played in an under 19 side in SA. Additionally, could there be a Hampshire qualification, such as having to have played, say, 5 1st class games.

Comment by John West

There could indeed! Many thanks both.

Comment by pompeypop

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