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Liam plays …
January 22, 2017, 10:07 am
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Unfortunately, Liam Plunkett.

0-2 down, nothing in the series, England’s spinners not very effective so far, all a bit disappointing for him.

(PS – Is he the only guy in the squad not to play?)

PPS What’s with this Dave business then? From BBC Sport just now:

“The difference between the India and England supporters in the ground tonight is captured by the television cameras. While a middle-aged English couple – they look like a Dave and June – sit quietly and nod in approval at a cover drive, an India fan jumps up and down excitedly behind them. Face paint, waving a flag …”

(Minutes later, Stokes gets Kohli, the Indians are quiet and there’s a bloke looks like a bearded Bill on his feet, flag of St George on either cheek, clapping wildly)


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Liam is not the only one not to play. Chris Jordan is on as sub and he hasn’t been picked either. Maybe it’s a south coast thing?

Comment by pompeypop

Not in the T20 either . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

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