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Liam doesn’t play …
January 26, 2017, 2:42 pm
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I can’t think of much to say about that, except I saw Liam (D) at the close, still wearing his Road Safety visibility jacket and shaking hands with all sorts of people he didn’t play against. I only watched the last 20 minutes, but it seemed like a classically uninteresting T20 match/finish. ‘Dullsville’, as the beatniks might have observed (remember Jellimallo?)

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I notice Jordan and Mills played. Is Liam now the only non-playing player on the white ball tour?

Comment by pompeypop

Interesting comment from Eoin Morgan in today’s Guardian – apparently he said this series is a “massive opportunity” for England’s players to push themselves up the franchise pecking order. I find this enormously reassuring, as I wonder whether to care in the slightest about the result …

Comment by pompeypop

There was an England T20 game today?

Comment by James

The BBC had it on-line and I suppose digital radio, but not on the main frequencies, so they don’t seem to think T20 is a top attraction!

Comment by Bob Elliott

Isn’t it more that they can’t/won’t compete with Sky/BT for cricket? I find it hard to believe there will be any significant live cricket on free-to-air TV in the near future. There’s more likely to be a wall keeping the Americans out of Mexico.

Comment by pompeypop

Could we perhaps put a wall around the ECB and the rest of us?

Comment by James

County cricket 1 IPL 0. What’s so bad about the much maligned county cricketer that the post truth ECB want to introduce a tournament that will see the eventual demise of half of the counties? I did watch the match on Sky (a rare event because it was freezing outside) and England were far better than India, who fielded some very average players who wouldn’t make a county side.

Comment by Alan Edwards

Well said Alan. I read this morning about Lancashire signing two more Kolpacks and my immediate feeling was sadness – then I thought, they’re just doing what we’ve just done …

Comment by pompeypop

Dave, there was an article in The Economist about county cricket and Kolpaks a couple of weeks ago. Counties are recruiting heavily now as they won’t be able to do so post-Brexit. And the new ones will be on longer term contracts to cover the 2019 season. Have a horrid feeling that a generation of young English players may now fall by the wayside as their growth will be stunted over the next three years. Also, of course, counties are looking to gain division one status because of concerns about their long term futures, hence the headlong race for Kolpaks. What a terrible state of affairs.

Comment by Alan Edwards

Thanks Alan. Of course the possibility is that if cricket simply neglects one generation, the next lot might ignore cricket, and then …

Comment by pompeypop

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