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February 15, 2017, 9:39 am
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Many thanks to Ron Griffiths for alerting us to the latest moves that will I suspect lead to the end of COUNTY cricket as we have known and loved it. Probably not in the lifetimes of those of us who watched say, before the advent of limited-overs cricket in 1963, but if you’re one of the youngsters out there …

Ron has sent the link to a Cricinfo  Report on current ECB thinking – the emphases are mine:

“The ECB is considering a report that calls for the number of county academies to be cut. The report, titled “County Talent Pathway”, recommends the creation of “regional training hubs as opposed to county programmes” as part of a plan to “define a new cricket pathway for English cricket”.

It also suggests that the creation of eight new teams for the relaunched domestic T20 competition, planned for 2020, “may impact on the future structure” of the game in England and Wales and calls upon the ECB to “reorganise the geographical structure of county cricket to ensure open and fair access to the cricket pathway”.




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I meant to add that a REGIONAL as opposed to COUNTY programme will make it even easier (ie cost effective) to ignore the inner cities. Hampshire hardly get any players from within the county boundaries these days and none from Southampton & Portsmouth. A central southern region (or whatever) could simply ignore their existence.

Comment by pompeypop

Why don’t we just open all our academies in South Africa and have done with it?

Comment by James

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