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Rescue Me?
February 17, 2017, 8:47 am
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Today’s Guardian is asking the Fontella Bass question

“Can cricket rescue itself or is ICC flirting with reform?”

One interesting comment in the piece from a “sports governance expert” at Loughborough University is that the ICC is “unique” among sports federations in having such a “concentration of power … one wonders whether the ICC’s big powers are actually brought to account”. One of those is of course the ECB.

If you don’t wish to shell out, you can find this extensive piece at



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The article hits the nail on the head in that the more the game spreads the less likely it will be that today’s audience will want the multiple day format of Test or County/State matches. Even the ‘one-day’ format, other than T20, will lack appeal. The continual search to fond more and more money to ‘support’ the game is only necessary in a business oriented sense. It has been the greed of ECB/ICC that has over emphasised the sums needed to support the game, while holding reserves that are linked to holding power. It seems that if the governance continues as it is, the current formats will be dismantled in what is claimed to be an attempt to bolster and maintain them.
T20 should be used as a means of keeping the character building aspects of the sport not as a cash cow to build reserves or keep a power base. Let’s be less greedy and use T20 sensibly. Let the ECB and ICC decide what is best for the game and not what is best for them as organisations.

Comment by terry crump

Well said Terry!!

Comment by pompeypop

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