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More tea Umpire?
March 2, 2017, 10:20 am
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Sadly not

Thanks to Stephen Saunders for spotting this fascinating tale from yesterday’s Times. It’s no wonder we can’t solve the crisis in Syria (etc., you name ’em) is it?

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I always thought that it was the home team/club who paid for refreshments for the players and officials, so if the Hogs were playing at their home ground, Warnford, The Hogs should fund the lunch and tea. If the game is at Lord’s it would be the MCC who foots the bill. But, on reflection, what happens at Lord’s on finals day when Hampshire are playing Sussex? Does the MCC pay, or the ECB, or is the cost shared between the two south coast clubs? And incidentally, who pays for the G&Ts for visiting Committee men and club officials?

Comment by John West

I don’t really know the answer to that last question John – often things get ‘lost’ in one big budget which is why I always kept the small Heritage budget separate and (even now) under my control. The Committee and some Vice Presidents contribute a levy of £80 pa which I guess raises about £2k. It pays for coffee and newspapers in the Committee Room on match days, and I reckon the cost to our Committee of the lunch provides a surplus to fund the opposition’s, but whether it all balances out I’ve no idea.

Comment by pompeypop

What does it say? Too small for an old man’s eyes . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

It’s too long except to say they cannot agree who pays for lunches, teas etc so they’re not playing the Hogs v MCC any more (and they don’t like each other anyway)

I’ve posted you (email) an attachment. Anyone else? Just email me: dave.allen@port.ac.uk

Comment by pompeypop

It’s worth remembering MCC often put out up to 10 teams on any given day in high summer, not sure how many fixtures a year but it may be around 400 or so… which would start to add up!

Comment by Jeremy

Wrong yet again – in 2015 MCC played 496 mens matches and 32 womens…

Comment by Jeremy

That’s a lot of tea! Cheers Jeremy. I imagine the vast majority were ‘away’ matches which seems to me to strengthen the MCC’s case

Comment by pompeypop

Probably well over half would be school matches. But it’s an interesting insight into “the state we’re in”, given that HH are quite a posh club, and once upon a time a fixture with MCC would have been both a privilege and an occasion of sorts.

That said, the Hogs play almost all their games at home, so I can’t see why the MCC match manager shouldn’t sort it out amongst his team without expecting a subsidy from the club?!

Comment by Jeremy

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