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“My job is to score runs”
March 3, 2017, 7:28 pm
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That’s Will Smith in today’s Cricket Paper and he says “I’m hitting the ball, dare I say it, as well as I have ever done at this stage of the season”, adding that “with the squad we’ve got now, if I don’t score runs, I’ll find myself out of the team”.

The interview reminded me that Hampshire have also signed Asher Hart from Durham, and Will said, “it’s the deepest and strongest squad we’ve had since I’ve been at Hampshire”.

There is also another interview in the ‘paper with Rod Bransgrove, mostly about his mate Ian Botham and his future as Durham’s Chairman, but he takes another opportunity to describe how “in the past few years we’ve seen a conflict between the interests of the game at large and the short-term interests of cricket members”.

He adds that Chairmen have had to explain that “the game is in some disarray”.

What seems to be missing from that is that if it is true, despite the fortunes that have been around the game from TV etc, then the people who created the “disarray” are the ECB and the Chairmen – so why should we assume they are the people to sort it out?

Anyway, I get it. People like me are ‘old and in the way’, which is why I’ve moved out of the way – and every time I read another one of those interviews, I move a bit further.




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The problem with people stuck in the knower stance, they blame everyone else and refuse to consider they may be wrong.
Sirian is firmly in the regional T20 camp according to his interview in the Times earlier this week

Comment by Paul

Stats and some skepticism about the competence of the ECB and more happily a couple of photos of Hampshire cricket history at bythesightscreen.com.

Comment by stephenfh

Cheers Stephen – JPL 1978 is one, can’t be sure about the other. V interesting about ECB

Comment by Dave Allen

The most surprising thing about the “Bestie” coverage of the dynamic duo is that neither of them took the opportunity to mention the Tapas “retheme-ing” of “Beefy’s”, with the soundbite strapline “Same name, different game”. I wonder what prompted them to think of that?

Comment by Jeremy

So Smith is confident of being selected in the team in the first place then….

Comment by John Cottrell

That occurred to me John, in which case George Bailey to captain the 2nd XI?

Comment by pompeypop

Meanwhile Tom Alsop continues to struggle in Sri Lanka. Just 1 today, as the Lions head for another defeat.

Comment by Bob Elliott

I recall Ron suggesting he can’t play spin and that seems to be confirmed during this winter. Not that it will be a problem through the English season.

Comment by pompeypop

To be fair he isn’t the only one. The Indians seem to be totally unable to play (Australian) spin at the moment as well!

Comment by James

With regard to the main story I am beginning to see many similarities between our Chairman and the new President of the United States. Both seem totally unable to see alternative points of view and regularly confuse fact with fiction in pursuing their own inflexible agendas.

I have found in trying to understand the issues of the day it is best not to believe anything President Trump says. I think I will have to do the same with Chairman Bransgrove.

Comment by James

Dave, you and others on here are not in the way. You express excellent views on the game and of course the 4 and 5 day game must be paramount. However, the game we once knew as Cricket has to evolve to earn the finances to keep it alive.

I am sure we all recognise that the pace of change in the world around us is growing ever faster, that the demands on supporters and potential supporters from outside the sport are ever greater, and that the modern world provides us with an ever-increasing choice of how to spend our time and money, so the need to reflect these demands within our sport, has become ever more pressing.

The 50 over game was a short form of Cricket until recently. Now it and the T20 is a sport using Cricket equipment and some of its rules and regulations! It is not Cricket as we know it. Nevertheless, it does have a place if it brings in the crowds and money to support the longer game.

I am not a supporter of the new T20 regional game and it could lever out our present county system but will Cricket survive without these innovations? The jury is out!

As someone who becomes 65 this August maybe I am one of the “old and in the way” as well but we must continue to question, debate and make sure our views are properly taken into account before any decision is made. Those at the top must not be allowed to steamroller through decisions.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

That’s very kind Ron, thank you. I’ve never had any problem with the idea of change or with good developments, I’ve grown up with 65/60/50 over cricket and had many happy days watching it, I’m an active (and financial) supporter of Cage Cricket, and I voted for the introduction of T20 in my days on the Committee (I don’t have to like it!). But I’m dismayed by three things: (1) the dismantling of the Championship which I think is doomed (2) That Hampshire now recruit from everywhere except Hampshire and that (3) Our Chairman clearly identifies people like me (“short-term” members) as the problem.

What I never expected was to feel as I do now, which is that I have (really) stopped caring, and (really) don’t anticipate being back much in 2017. I don’t need to bang-on about it, except it rears its head on this Blog. I do apologise if I seem a misery.

Comment by pompeypop

As Ron says Dave you have nothing to apologise for. Just because our Chairman has multiple platforms to spout his views it doesn’t mean he is right or that those of us who share your views are wrong.

Incidentally has he announced his phones have been bugged yet?

Comment by James

Thanks again James, lovely!

Comment by pompeypop

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