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Stick with the Counties!
March 8, 2017, 5:10 pm
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I missed this very fascinating report in last Sunday’s Telegraph

Thanks to Peter Jeffs





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That might say more about the FA Cup (or at least the “big” clubs attitude to it in playing weakened teams) that it does T20.

Comment by James

Thanks for drawing attention to this, classic stuff!

The actual report says: “The positioning of the event as a highly entertaining spectacle – with music and dancers, low-cost tickets and Friday night games – has helped push buzz up by 6.6% in 2016, building on an increase of 1.5% in 2015. This increase also means the T20 Blast enters the SportsIndex Rankings Top 10 and is the only event to be in the Top 10 SportsIndex ‘Improvers’ for a consecutive year”.

But the methodology might not stand up to too much scrutiny (nor where they get “low priced tickets” from)…

“SMG Insight’s report ranks events by the net difference between the amount of respondents hearing positive news and those hearing negative news about an event during the course of the year. In-depth analysis and year-on-year comparisons provide a detailed picture of where each event sits in the current sporting landscape,”

Interestingly, they call this measure of the net difference the ….. Buzz Score.

Normally I’d imagine some irony was intended, but these days you can’t be sure!

At least it’s in the public domain, unlike the BS research the ECB claim supports their plan to generate the same TV money from less than half as many grounds, clubs, not to mention cricketers whilst claiming they’re doing it to save the “Red Ball” cricket they all profess to value so highly.

Comment by Jeremy

I’m worried about you – no blogs received for nearly three weeks!

Comment by Henry Thompson

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