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What now?
March 12, 2017, 5:46 pm
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Elms RB v RN

I was planning a new “I remember you” feature on this chap – anyone out there recognise him? So I went as usual to Cricket Archive to check out some details and found what? They won’t let me in because it seems they have become a subscription site.

Now I don’t greatly object to that idea – just under a quid a week – but it’s not presented very clearly. It seems there are two options: (1) Are you a first-time visitor? In that case why not take advantage of a 24 hour free membership? or (2) If you have already done that, subscribe today

Well I’m not by a long chalk a first-time visitor but neither have I had my free 24 hours. So, does that mean, like thousands of others that I’m not allowed on? I suspect not – there’s probably a third option – but it’s not clear and if it does mean it, that really will be it for me. The end of the past, to add to the present and future!

Does anyone know more?


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Hi Dave, I can’t offer any information on Cricket Archive but I always find Cricinfo a useful source for summary information on careers as in this example for our greatest ever bowler:

Comment by James

I do make some use of cricinfo but unless I’m mistaken the info is very limited. With the mystery man in the photo I wanted to look at his performances for his first county (hint) and then probably every match scorecard he played for Hampshire, including perhaps 2nd XI. But cricinfo doesn’t offer that does it? (If it does, I can’t find it)

Comment by pompeypop

Pure guess. Richard Elms.

I’ll second that. Cricinfo is useful. Glad my book is finished, I used CricketArchive a lot.

Comment by Bob Elliott

Bob’s got it again! Richard Elms it is playing for Hampshire 2nd XI v R Navy at Portsmouth

Comment by pompeypop

Paid for a month yesterday. It is a marvellous site and I’m surprised no charge has been made to date. It’s maintenance must be quite labour intensive though there’s probably a lot of whizzy programs supporting it.

Comment by Alan Edwards

Cheers Alan. I’ll get to it then – it is a quite wonderful site. As a matter of interest SOME counties pay for associate membership which provides more information. Hampshire have always declined to do so.

Comment by pompeypop

This is disappointing news. I doubt that Cricket Archive paid for all the match statistics, especially league and schools. If those schools and clubs had been aware that in future their history would only be visible for a fee they may not have agreed to hand them over.

I’m not against people asking for money for a service – but the underlying data from historic matches was in the public domain, and now there may be no alternative way of accessing it if it is only stored on CA’s servers.

I have donated to Wikipedia and I would have preferred it if CA had conducted a donation campaign. (If they have done this, I never saw it.) It would be very interesting to see what happens to CA’s own visitor statistics – although I’m not sure we ever will.

Comment by Hedgehog

It’s a good point Hedgehog. On a number of occasions I have spotted (understandable) errors on the site – especially old scorecards, and sent them in and I have a pal who has contributed a great many local club scorecards (even some confirming the mediocre career of one D Allen!). I will pay and I’m sure you will never see any figures. I wonder what ACS will make of it. Did I miss an alert in their recent journal?

Comment by pompeypop

That is really annoying. I spent literally months putting links on my website to Cricket Archive for scorecards and detailed player stats. Now it doesn’t work !!!!!!!!!

Comment by Tigger Miles

Even more annoying I actually asked their permission before I did it.

Comment by Tigger Miles

That is particularly annoying! Forever Changes ….

Comment by pompeypop

I have been trying to post some additional information regarding Cricinfo on this thread without success (nothing appears although I can post on other threads) so am posting this as a test.

Comment by James

OK so that worked so maybe the problem is that the text I am trying to post includes links. So here is the text without the links ….

In answer to Dave’s post above Cricinfo does actually hold a lot of detail in its Stats section. For instance under the Match and Series Archive you can find scorecards of every match played in a given season. As an example for 1989 it is possible to see all scorecards divided into three groups – Australian Tour, English Domestic and Others. The problem is that it doesn’t appear to hold the season’s averages or allow you to search for information across seasons.

For international matches the Statsguru section (under Stats) allows you to build searches for the international records of any player. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a similar facility for domestic matches.

I’m no expert on Cricinfo but my impression is that it isn’t as easy to use or flexible as Cricket Archive but it might well serve a useful purpose for those who don’t want to take out a subscription – or trust Wikipedia!

Hope this is of use.

Comment by James

Thank you James. I confess I have never found any of that on Cricinfo, but I’ll look again.

Comment by pompeypop

OK so definitely a problem with the links to the search results.

So from the main Cricinfo page if you click “Stats” and then “Match and series archive” you will get here http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/series/index.html
from where you can on any year to obtain the results in my earlier post.

The international searches I mentioned can be started from the screen obtained by clicking “Stats” and then “Statsguru”.

(Sorry for the multiple posts!).

Comment by James

That’s excellent James – many thanks

Comment by pompeypop

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