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“Extra, Extra, Read All About It”
March 18, 2017, 3:41 pm
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(Edwin Starr: ‘Headline News’)

Today’s Guardian tells us that Liam Dawson’s bowling for the South v North “furthered his Champions Trophy hopes” as he was “virtually unhittable”. By contrast, Mason Crane got two wickets, but “found life tougher” than down-under, and was “slapped about a bit”.

There was one other article on that page in the sports section, and it caught my eye because I noticed that its subject, Brad Pickett, “first fought in a 2004 in a show at the end of South Parade Pier” (Pompey). Now I’ve done (and watched) gigs there over many decades, so I was intrigued. I assumed initially it was boxing, but the header said UFC (Uttoxeter Football Club?) and as I read on, it said that Pickett competes in MMA. It is probably the first time in my adult life I’ve read a sports article right through without the faintest idea what the sport is. They don’t say – unless of course there is a sport called UFC/ – MMA (?)

More seriously, the Cricket Paper has Joshua Peck asking “Have we reached overkill with this surfeit of T20?” and also reveals that the ECB meeting at the end of this month will ask the counties (etc) to vote for a constitutional change, allowing them for the first time to create a competition that does not involve all 18 first-class counties. We all know what it’s for of course, but it doesn’t guarantee it will stop there does it?

That point is put by Michael Atherton in the Times in an interview/profile of the ECB’s Chief Exec, Tom Harrison, who responds that the reason this should not be seen as the “thin end of the wedge … comes down to trust”. Huh?

Harrison also says that “people have felt they could air their views” but that depends what he means by people. I don’t, and neither do I feel that my county reflects or represents my views. What’s interesting is how much he stresses the importance of attracting children (entirely sensible) and talks about each of them becoming “a life-long follower”, adding it’s necessary “to recognise what the world looks like in 2024”.

Well for over fifty years I have thought of myself as a “life-long follower” but it transpires I’m not, so what guarantees will he offer youngsters today? The last point is just bizarre; seven years ahead … it’s the kind of thing economists said in 2006, isn’t it? Take a trip back just twelve months (not seven years) in a Time Machine, and react in March 2016 as I tell you that in twelve month’s time, the UK (or maybe just bits of it) with a woman Prime Minister, will be preparing to leave Europe, while the most powerful country in the world is run by a lying megalomaniac, and reigning champions Leicester City are the last English team left in the European Cup (or whatever it’s called these days). 2024 – Huh? Hah!



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Here you go.Dave


So maybe that’s where the Cage went, then . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

Could be Bob – cheers!

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