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March 20, 2017, 7:29 pm
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What are these three former Hampshire players most likely to be discussing


Funny responses are always welcome of course (it is Panto season) but my intent is serious, and the answer is derived from naming them and knowing what they did …


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Maybe discussing a dropped catch that lost a match.

Comment by Punchy Rayment

As in “he should have caught it like this”? Could be Punchy, although with the two guys on the left unlikely that either of them did the ‘dropping’.

Comment by pompeypop

Mason Crane? (Playing today)

Sainsbury, Maru, Flint

Comment by Bob Elliott

They could well be talking about him although I was thinking more generic and less person-specific. It’s not Darren Flint but you could hardly be closer – and my idea would fit Flint too. Sainsbury and Maru, yes indeed (hence they would be unlikely to drop chances).

Comment by pompeypop

Hint (not Flint) think history way, way back.

Comment by pompeypop

The mystery man is Ian Turner.

Raj is saying “When Roger Harper hit me for that last ball six in the championship (read Mark Nicholas’s book for full details) some bloke in Northlands Road got his hands to it but……”

Comment by Neil M

“In the 1988 B&H Cup Final the fielder at short leg caught them like this”

Comment by stephenfh

Well done Neil – and nice one Stephen! Ian Turner like his dad Topsy, was a Hambledon cricketer. My thought was that they were discussing the art of bowling slow-left-arm, which each of them did.

Comment by pompeypop

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