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Change of Plan
March 22, 2017, 9:45 pm
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For some years now the AGM and (Radio Solent) Forum have been followed in the evening by a reception for members to meet the players – with a buffet etc (and a charge).

I notice this year the reception is (a) free (b) in the hour before the AGM and (c) open to everyone – presumably no buffet.

(Back in the 1990s the reception was hosted for the players by the committee)

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I wonder if the member’s committee were consulted on the change.

Comment by John white

Good question – and no idea. I suspect two reasons (1) it didn’t make enough dough or (2) the players don’t like dressing up and mingling too much these days. It might be that they never did, but way back of course – when you were a Committee man JW – most of them did what they were told. Incidentally I could speculate about an exception or two to the last point.

Comment by pompeypop

I think you`ll find that lack of support was a key reason ( and I guess that in turn leads to not enough dosh ). Having attended the event regularly for many years we both know that if committee, vice presidents and staff were eliminated from the event then the every-day members and supporters could almost be counted on two hands. Reasoning? For sure the £17 price was a stumbling block but I`m sure the old problem of player interaction played a part as nothing seems to have changed since the Burnaby Rd days when Pompey committee used to hold a cheese & wine event to “meet the players” after a game only to see the players all huddled together. Will it change this year?

Comment by Brian.JS

One interesting thing is that Committee & Vice Presidents are asked to pay a levy of £80 per year, towards tea/coffee/papers in the Committee Room etc and including free entry to the £17 reception. The price this years remains the same, but no reception.

Comment by pompeypop

That`s interesting, but of course I won`t have been told that!
Effectively a big cost increase then, perhaps the TV will be brought back.

Comment by Brian JS

They might add the Beano to the papers or maybe extra custard creams.

Comment by pompeypop

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