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March 26, 2017, 12:07 pm
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There’s a suggestion in the piece by Vic Marks posted by Ron (comment below) that 10 matches in the new city-based competition will go onto free-to-air TV – like the 2005 Ashes series.

I wonder which channel? Even a T20 takes around 3 hours including the break, which is longer than a football/rugby match. Maybe ITV4 or More 4 will find room in the schedules? Or maybe after a year or two, someone at ECB will ‘invent’ Fifteen:15

Then there’s the matter of the impact. Everyone knows about the impact of the 2005 Ashes series – although it’s not obvious it lasted that long – but a match between Solent Sloggers and Manchester Munchkins on More 4, if it does attract an audience, will presumably encourage new generations growing-up to consider that’s what the best cricket is like. If you’re watching in Worthing or Basingstoke or Blackpool (etc) will there be any sense of identification with your team. Maybe that’s all a bit old-fashioned?

There’s also this endless stuff about emulating Australia. I’m all for it. Let’s spend next Christmas on the beach, drinking Fosters – we could import some man-eating sharks and poisonous snakes too. We could show more stuff like Neighbours on TV and screen more great Aussie movies in the cinema

There aren’t any?


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“Picnic at Hanging Rock” is an excellent Aussie film, and 4X is better than Fosters!

Comment by John West

…….and Tooth’s KB is better than Fosters, but don’t touch Tooheys – it’s headache beer!

Comment by John West

As I don’t drink beer I’ll take your word for it. As for “Picnic …” pretty good, but maybe the exception that proves the rule?

Comment by pompeypop

Love the team names!
London lurchers, Leeds Larrikins, Birmingham Beasties, Cardiff Cardigans, Durham Dodgers, Nottingham Nomads maybe. Although I did think of some others less pleasant

Comment by Paul

Personally I wouldn’t watch this competition on TV even if you paid me as I have absolutely no interest in supporting a team formed entirely for financial reasons playing in a competition formed entirely for financial reasons.

As for importing poisonous snakes there is no need. We already have more than enough over here in the ECB.

Comment by James

Dave – in my one off blog rant in October about this mess, I wrote:

“Update: Question 21 – Why isn’t there a secret ballot?

I have been told that the idea is for the City T20 to be structured like a company, with those that voted for it as the shareholders, who receive the “dividends”. Which would imply that those who vote against are excluded, meaning as currently reported they would suffer whatever downside to the Blast there is, but no £1.3m offset. That would be like saying to people who, for example, intend to vote against, say, extra funding for the NHS for reasons that make sense to them: “Well, fine, but if the extra money has the benefit we expect, when you turn up to A&E we won’t let you in… now are you really sure that’s how you want to vote?”.

I spent 45 minutes talking to Hollins (ECB COO) back in October, and specifically asked him about this. Indeed I got the impression he was prepared to spend so long talking to me partly because he took umbrage that a Cricket lover would imagine they could behave like that.

He quite categorically and specifically said that there was no possibility of anything like that happening.

Now it has.

There’s a letter in this weeks Cricket Paper basically suggesting the Durham Div2 points fine is ultra vires.

Apparently also the tickets for the “Shows” will be £15, undercutting the Blast. Something else that was supposed not to happen.

“Alternative Facts”?

Comment by Jeremy

It is increasingly bewildering and alarming – but I suppose there is a sense in which cricket reflects the world it inhabits (while also helping to shape it). It’s a world where the unimaginable and impossible is suddenly reality – and the only thing we can do about it is, as James notes, simply not watch. They won’t care I guess

Comment by pompeypop


On 15-15… when the FT did their bit on the CEO’s BSBingo interview it was accompanied by a cartoon, wife reading paper with “T20” headline at Breakfast table, caption: “The short format still sounds about 20 overs too long for me”.

Now, maybe the cartoonists doesn’t know T20 is actually T40 and was saying if you stick a ribbon on a pig it’s still a pig… or maybe he’s making your point, which logically leads to T10 which would take about 90 minutes, like most other sports.

Given that the entire point of T20 is to occasionally arrive at an exciting last 5 overs, perhaps one game in ten, frankly it sounds a much better way to go to me. And easier on the eardrums!

Comment by Jeremy

I was advocating T10 on this blog last year!

Comment by James

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