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March 27, 2017, 5:21 pm
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Bob’s provided some excellent information to the first photo below. I didn’t expect a flood of answers and Bob is correct that the warship (Britain’s entire navy I believe) signifies it is Southsea seafront. The building is the Southsea Bandstand, adjacent to Henry VIII’s Castle; it hosts free gigs throughout the summer on Sunday afternoons and was designed and built by Pete Clutterbuck, the cricketer to whom Bob is talking. I’ve known Pete for decades, since he was an art student, but he’s better known as Pompey’s blacksmith – and what could be better than a blacksmith in a village cricket team?

Incidentally, if you’re interested, there’s a news story on the BBC cricket site tonight. It seems there’s a change looming:



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If you are interested, in an interview of just over two minutes Tom Harrison asserts twice that the ECB has done research into understanding cricket’s “current” audience – a comment which simply alienates me further – while mentioning on five occasions, a “new” and/or “younger” audience and “new teams”. There’s also a mention for multiculturalism (tick the box).

What I find most patronising about this whole initiative, is the clear implication that if you wish to attract the kids, everything must be whizz, bang and over as quickly as possible. But there again, I’ve spent my life in education so what would I know about young people? Leave that to the businessmen and the bureaucrats.

Comment by pompeypop

….there is much to be unimpressed by. In another interview that he gave to The Times he mentions that the change is as much about the decline of Test cricket in India as it is about anything here. Replacement TV revenues sought, but this does not of itself explain why not counties continue, in two divisions maybe. Given how far some of the TMG have mortgaged their futures perhaps they have decided that they can’t or won’t live with on the field competition from the smaller counties.

Comment by stephenfh

Lets have a quick drag on whatever it is they’re smoking, and imagine these delusional deceitful fantasists actually succeed in pulling this off.

Are there any circumstances under which you can imagine them choosing to divert the proceeds to “Future proofing” County Cricket?

If, IF, the Manchester Munchkins prove popular, can you possibly believe that’s going to help Lancashire CCC?

Comment by Jeremy

The only people who will benefit financially in the long term are the businessmen who are driving this through.

Comment by James

My main concern over all of this has been about the paying counties not to take part and how long that will last. The 1.3m is for 5 years and I guess after that counties will be forced to take a reduced amount or even worse cut adrift altogether.

Comment by Ian

Every reason to be fearful. I watched the BBC Brexit programme tonight and what emerged quite clearly is no one can be sure – what reason is there to suppose that cricket can be any more certain about the world in five years time? The Observer yesterday ran a major article on the unexpected explosion of interest in Mixed Martial Arts – who knew of that five years ago? What if it’s already too late to build these new audiences for new city teams? The old ways and traditional supporters are being sacrificed, and no-one can be absolutely sure the new ones will come. No one anticipated this development five years ago, so what happens if the City Franchises declare UDI and simply cut the counties adrift after 2020?

Comment by pompeypop

Bit like the Premier league in footy did

Comment by Paul

I think you have hit the nail squarely on the head. I also think this is the probable long term goal.
R.I.P county cricket

Comment by JohnF

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